Guide for Car Ownership Transfer (Documents, Process & Cost)

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Guide for Car Ownership Transfer (Documents, Process & Cost)

Guide for Car Ownership Transfer (Documents, Process & Cost)

It is mandatory to change the vehicle owners in case you are selling the car, the owner of the car has passed away, or putting the car for auction. Transferring the authority to the new owner is a necessary formality. Otherwise, any issue with the vehicle will be your responsibility. This includes a crime committed using the car. 

Earlier it was the responsibility of the buyer to get the ownership transferred. Nonetheless, it had led to complications and problems. Especially when the new owner didn’t transfer the ownership and used the car for unauthorized activities.

The situations wherein you will have to transfer the ownership include:

  • While selling a car to someone/dealers.
  • The owner of the car is no more and the heir wants to use it
  • You are giving the car as a gift to someone close to you (Even though he or she is your close friend or relative, it is the right thing to transfer the vehicle to his or her name)

 The vehicle transfer formalities within the state and interstate are different. The laid down procedure has to be complied with for completing the transfer process.  

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Documents Required for Car RC Transfer Process

The documents stated by the authorities for complying with vehicle transfer would fifer according to the situation.

1. Transfer of Ownership Post Sale of the Second-hand Car

  • Registration Certificate (RC) in original
  • Form 29,  Notice of Transport of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle, has to be filled duly in duplicate
  • Form 29 has sections for information regarding both the buyer and seller. Fill in the details without any errors
  • Form 30, Application for Intimation and Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle, has to be filled after submission of Form 29 in the RTO where the vehicle has been registered
  • Form 30 is also filled in duplicate, with the additional copy being attested by an authorized person
  • Form 30 would indicate the details of hypothecation, hire purchase, or lease.
  • An attested copy of car insurance
  • Attested copy of address proof of the buyer
  • Valid PUC certificate
  • A nominal fee has to be paid for vehicle ownership. The receipt of the same should be included in the documents
  • Attested copy of PAN card
  • Form 60 and Form 61 may be needed if the person doesn’t have PAN

2. Transfer of Vehicle Ownership When the Owner is Not Alive

The legal heir can take over the car when the owner passed away. However, he or she should complete the transfer formalities to become the owner of the car officially. Non-transfer can create problems in future, including complications during the sale of the car.

  • Registration Certificate (RC) in original
  • Obtain NOC from the financier if the vehicle is under the loan
  • Form 30 (Application for Intimation and Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle) and Form 31 (Application For Transfer Of Ownership In The Name Of The Person)
  • Certificate of succession obtained from the authority
  • In case there is more than one heir to the deceased, an affidavit stating that other heirs have concurred with the transfer of the vehicle should be submitted
  • Attested copy of vehicle insurance
  • Attested copy of address proof of the legal heir
  • Valid PUC certificate
  • Attested copy of PAN card. Alternatively, form 60 and form 61 can be submitted
  • Form 20, Application For Registration Of A Motor Vehicle, has also to be filled. The authority undertakes verification of the car with this form

3. Additional Documents Required for Ownership Transfer of a Commercial Vehicle

The additional documents needed for commercial vehicle transfer are:

  • Permit surrender slip issued by the authority
  • Clearance from the traffic department
  • Tax clearance certificate, stating that there are no taxes due on the vehicle
  • Fitness certificate

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Car Ownership (RC) Transfer Process – Offline

Although easy online vehicle transfer is available, many use the offline method even today.

Preparation of Sales Agreement by an Authorized Notary – The notary will prepare a sale agreement, normally in the standard format pursued by all. The agreement would state the details of the vehicle, mode of payment, present condition of the car, data on the car insurance, RC status and other relevant info. Never be in a hurry and sign the document. You should endorse your signature on the agreement only after the receipt of the payment agreed upon with the buyer.

Clearance Certificate for the Car – The authorized person in the RTO would examine the documents and put signatures on them. The buyer would get the clearance certificate within thirty days of submission. No fee has to be paid for the clearance certificate for the car.

Apply for Transfer of the Ownership – Apply for car ownership transfer, attaching all the documents we stated above. The transfer would be completed within thirty days from the date of submission. Any anomaly in the document can affect the ownership transfer. In that case, both the parties would be asked to visit the RTO and provide corrections or clarifications. Additional documents may be sought by the RTO for substantiating the claim.

Fees for Vehicle Ownership Transfer – Only a nominal fee is charged for vehicle ownership. Generally, it is below ₹500.

Car Ownership (RC) Transfer Process – Online

The internet revolution has brought several positive changes to society. Ease of submitting applications and complying with formalities online has been one of those. You need to complete some of the steps offline for online vehicle ownership also.

  • Go to the RTO website and click on online services – vehicle-related services
  • Click on RC transfer online
  • Vehicle details and your personal details including your mobile number have to be provided
  • Choose transfer of ownership in the next step and pick the number according to the status of the sale
  • Enter buyer’s name, insurance details, PUC info etc
  • Pay the fee
  • You will receive a payment receipt, as well as, form 29 and form 30
  • Print the receipt, form 29 and form 30
  • Submit all the documents to the RTO

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