How to sell a car safely in Kerala, India?

Admin | 18 Jan, 2021

How to sell a car safely  in Kerala, India?

How to sell a car safely in Kerala, India?

Selling your used car may be an issue at times. It will be difficult to find the right buyer, who is ready to give the right value to your car. The buyer will negotiate to enjoy a maximum profit. On one side, it will be disheartening for you to sell the car you are emotionally attached with. On the other, the less price offered would add to your gloom.   

Selling a car to a genuine individual is another important factor. The buyer should not use it for any unlawful activities. Neither, he or she should bother you with repeated complaints after the sale. You can follow some steps to obviate the said problems. You may also note that you should never rush to sell your car. It will result in drastic depreciation in the value of the car. If you want to sell your car safely, continue reading and act wisely. 

Documents Required For Car Selling

Having the right documents for selling a car is beneficial for both sellers and buyers. Here are the set of documents that should be prepared before selling your car.

Transfer of Ownership –You have to approach the RTO for transfer of ownership and complete the formalities for transferring the car to the new owner. Failing which, any future case related to the vehicle will come to you. Therefore, the transfer documentation must be undertaken judiciously. 

Insurance details including Nominee – The insurance paperwork must be complete before you approach the RTO. Your name must be replaced with the new owner’s name and details in the insurance documents.  

Removal of Hypothecation – You might have bought the car on loan from a banking firm. The loan amount including the interest must be repaid to the firm and hypothecation must be removed from the RC book.

Pollution Certificate – The used car must have a valid pollution certificate. If not, you cannot complete the formalities at the RTO.

Service Documents – Certain buyers will ask for vehicle service documents to ascertain the technical standard of the car. It must be up to date with all the data regarding the servicing undertaken entered. Nowadays, all authorised servicing centres are connected through online. Hence, you can request any service centre to download data and provide the same to you. 

NOC – No Objection Certificate will be essential in case your car is registered in another state. The NOC must be obtained from the registering RTO and transfer the registration to the state where you are selling your car. 

Quality Checking Measures

To ensure a safe dealership, you need to check the following quality measures:

Update the Service History – Some buyers will ask for the repair and maintenance history of the used car. They will use it to get an idea about the technical performance of the vehicle. Believably, a perfectly maintained car will have a record of frequent preventive repair. A vehicle that has undergone preventive maintenance practices will have higher life than the one that had not.  

Get a Technician to Inspect – An experienced technician will be able to inspect the vehicle for its technical soundness. Else you can approach a car workshop for repair and recondition of the vehicle.  

Work on Looks and Cleanliness – The car must be impressive from the first look itself. Clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle. You may not have to worry about the dents, nicks and scratches. A thorough cleaning of the vehicle will be sufficient. 

Allow the Technician to Inspect the Car – The buyer may come with a technician to inspect the car and certify the technical soundness. You must allow him to inspect it. Any objections from your side will put a negative mark. It will mean that you have something to hide about the car for sale. 

Allow the Buyer to Test-drive – The buyer may want to test-drive the car to ascertain the performance. You can allow him or her for the test drive for a stipulated distance. You can go along so that you can discuss the further deal and talk about the car on the way. 

Best ways to sell a car

There are several ways to sell used car. You can choose what you believe to be the right one. Used car dealers, online classifieds, sale through your friends and colleagues are the most common methods followed for car sale. 

Used car dealers

Selling used cars through second-hand car dealers could be the best option to sell your old car. There are a few reputed used car dealers, who can aid you in selling your car at the best price. They will pay you the amount at the same instant when you handover the requisite documents. 

The used car dealers will inspect the vehicle and pay you the right amount. They will also take the responsibility to complete the official formalities for ownership transfer and so on. You do not have to worry about anything else when selling your car to a used car dealer.

Another important advantage of selling through a car dealer is that you don’t have to search for the buyer. They will do the needful for the same. Selling your car to an individual can be complicated. As you have to confirm that, the buyer is genuine. And you will not land up in trouble by selling your car to him/ her. On several occasions, you may have to wait for money too. 

The paperwork after-sales is also problematic. You are no familiar with the process and it can lead to a lot of troubles. You may have to visit RTO repeatedly for completing the process. Viewing all the previously mentioned issues, selling your old car through a used car dealer found to be the best method. 

Online Classifieds

You can put advertisements in online classified like OLX or Quikr. Here also you will have all the issues mentioned in the previous paragraphs. In addition, you will have to wait for a longer period to get a potential buyer. 

Individual Sale

The information about your car for sale may be circulated through friends, colleagues or relatives. Knowing from the word of mouth publicity, people may approach you for the second-hand car. However, the number of buyers will be very less in this case. You may get genuine buyers in this case, though it is not sure.

Hope you got a clear understanding of how to sell your car safely. Indus Used Cars is one of the best dealers in Kerala to help customers buy and sell used cars at a great deal. If you are planning to buy or sell used cars in Kerala, feel free to contact us. 


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