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Indus is one of the leading car dealers which helps you sell used cars in Kerala quickly at the best price. With Indus, selling your used cars is no more a headache; you just need to give us your car details and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote. 

Indus Used Cars have been the leading used car dealer for long. We are the interface between the buyer and seller, where you can sell cars online from the comfort of your sofa.. At Indus, we help you sell used cars at the convenience of your doorsteps. You will not find a better rate anywhere else in Kerala.

Indus is, in fact, the most reliable place to sell used cars online in Kerala.We have been keeping our promise and working dedicatedly to the customer’s satisfaction since establishment. The untainted record of accomplishment has given us the identity of being the most reputed used car dealer in Kerala. We endeavour to maintain our name and the faith entrusted on us by the valuable customers. Hence, we do not accept even a minor flaw in the service to you. 

Sell Used Cars in Kerala with Indus

Indus does not charge you any commission or brokerage. No, there’s no hidden charge for the service. And all our dealings are as clear as daylight. We will simply mediate between the buyer and seller. 

We will find the right customer for your valuable vehicle. Being a quick and secure way to sell used cars online, Indus helps interested individual buyers to buy their desired model second-hand car through our online platform. We will refurbish the vehicle, eliminate technical issues and give it a brand new look before selling it to the customer. It is our responsibility to ensure that every used car for sale with us is up to date with documents and free of any defect. 

Indus used cars platform is currently one of the most extensive online auto marketplace to buy and sell used cars in Kerala right now. You will have to take the burden of completing official formalities if you sell second-hand cars directly to an individual. However, our representatives know the procedure for transfer of ownership and other requisite formalities regarding a vehicle. They will act as if well-oiled machinery to complete the documentation part in a time-bound manner. You do not have to stress out on any paperwork related to your used car. 

Indus is proud to state that we are one of the most credible used car sellers in Kerala. We keep our word and give you the right price. We believe that the right price for your car is your right. Hence, ensure that the best price is given to you. Not a penny less. 

Forget your anxieties and worries. Contact our nearest used car dealer in Kerala. We will guide you regarding every aspect with respect to the sale of your second-hand car. There will be no room for doubt, once our representative briefs you. He/ she will help to resolve all your doubts and queries. 

Indus: Leading Seller for Used Cars in Kerala

Indus has qualified technical professionals to determine the value of each used car. The transparent dealings have been the reason for our growth since establishment. And it has made us the leading sellers of used cars in Kerala. 

People tend to assume that selling used cars in Kerala is a complicated task. Get rid of the rumours, understand the reality and let us help you to sell your used car in Kerala. The hassle-free experience, quick payment and incredible price offer will surely amaze you. 

We do not delay the payment of your car. You sell your second hand car to us and we will pay you at the same instant. You will not find this easy and convenient option while selling your used car in Kerala to an individual. The sale of a second hand car to an individual is a complicated issue. 

You must be ready to waste time on negotiation while planning to sell your second hand car to an individual. Even then, they may not pay you the right price for your beloved car. You may have to sell your second hand car at a price lower than you expected. That is what distinguishes us from an individual buyer. The right price promise is our slogan. 

You can sell used cars straight away with us without landing you into any kind of troubles. You may not be aware of his or her background. What if the buyer is a fraudster? Or if the buyer uses your car for illegal activity without completing the formalities? All the blame will be on you. You may be penalised for the crime committed by someone else. 

 The individual buyer may also complain regarding technical problems after purchase. Bothering you with repeated requests for repair. This can turn problematic for you. The issue will not arise when you sell your used car to us. 

If you weigh all the above options, you will find that it is best to sell your car to us. We give you the best price for your car. Let your car be of any brand or make, you can sell it to us. 

Super Deals for Your Used Car

Indus has been the most awarded Maruti car dealer in South India. The sincere approach, honest actions and dedicated team are the basic features that distinguish us from others. We observe all the necessary guidelines and regulations to keep our quality high. We have instituted additional steps to help you sell your cars online easily and convenient. 

With us looking after your paperwork, technical inspection and repair, after-sales service, defect elimination and everything related to the second-hand car, you can be at ease at every point of time. The team of professionals at Indus has been trained to put up their best to deliver quality service to the customer. 

There has been no instance, wherein we have failed in serving the customers to their satisfaction. The way of working has been attuned to ensure optimum customer gratification. Thereby, cementing our trust in the customer’s mind. 

We have commenced the sale of a used car using both online and offline platforms across Kerala. You can be from any part of the state. Our representative will guide you to sell your car online instantly without looting your time and money. You can contact us to clear any doubts regarding the sale of a used car in Kerala.

Indus has played an important role in simplifying the sale of used cars in Kerala. We are happy to ensure that no one can fool you anymore. With us being available to contact and discuss the right value of your car, how can anybody cheat you? 

Our name itself has become the epitome of exceptional quality. We are happy to find returning customers satisfied with our service in the past. Having presence in all the 14 districts across Kerala, we help you sell used cars online anywhere in the state. Truthfulness along with service par excellence has brought us to the present juncture of the most reputed used car seller in Kerala. 

We work devotedly at every point to deliver outstanding results. The zest and zeal possessed by our employees have taken us to the victory stand. The management and employees work shoulder to shoulder to provide optimum output to our clients. 

Best Price For Your Second Hand Car

You do not have to go to any other place to sell your second-hand car. You are at the right place for selling your used cars in Kerala. We will give you the best value for your used car, enabling you to sell your second hand car in Kerala without any worries.

Our unparalleled reliability and credibility have been proven beyond doubt during the years since inception. Therefore, there is no scope for any doubt regarding the deal with us. You can have a cent percent faith. With us handling the sale of your second-hand car, you are off all the burdens regarding after-sales defects and other concerns.

We will look after all the issues related to the vehicle and will institute corrective measures accordingly. You can have a detailed discussion with our representative concerning the sale procedure.

You can easily sell used cars in Kerala with Indus used cars support and services. The service rendered by us will enthral you. We believe in continuous cooperation with our esteemed customers. And we undertake all the necessary measures to ensure that our relationship based on mutual trust and understanding grows with time. We assure you the best deal in the market. Our price for your used car will be higher than that offered by any other used car seller in Kerala.

Indus stands for quality, dedication, trust and mutual understanding. We envisage serving the customers with utmost dedication. Thereby adding value to the brand name “Indus”, which has conquered the customer’s mind since day one. The fervour of the team at Indus cannot be matched by any of our competitors. And that has been the reason for the ever-growing clientele.  

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Contact us to know more about our services and discuss your used car for sale in Kerala. Let us enlighten you regarding selling used cars in Kerala and the subtle elements that have to be monitored during the deal. In that way, we can be of help to you, the customer.

You can reach us through our phone numbers 04847122586, 04847122597 or 04847122615 and our email id: [email protected] We are at your service. Our experienced representative will give you all the information about selling your second hand car. He/ she will also clarify all your doubts regarding the sale of the used cars in Kerala and guide you. 

Now, sell your car online simply from the comfort of your home in Kerala!