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08 Dec, 2023

How to extend the life of your car?

We all love our car and want it to function perfectly beyond the normally assured life period. Maintaining a car healthy is not that difficult if you follow standard maintenance procedures. Further, the following tips would be useful in ensuring that the components as well as the vehicle will function error-free. Check out how to extend the life of your car.

Things you Must Consider to Extend Your Cars Life

1. Follow the Maintenance Schedule Stated in the Manual Judiciously.

One of the things that are most frequently overlooked is this. More often than not, car owners presume it to be expensive. In reality, avoiding the periodic servicing stated in the manual is going to be costly. It would affect the life periodicity of the components as well as the car.

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2. Periodic Replacement and Replenishment of Oil and Other Fluids.

Periodic Replacement Oil and other fluids are important when thinking about how to extend the life of your car. Oils and fluids are intended for lubrication and cooling down of bearings and components. Heating the system can affect efficiency and bring down life. Fresh and clear oil will maintain the system components efficiently throughout, enhancing life and boosting performance. It may be ideal to change oil at around 2000 kilometers of running. Take the kilometers or periodicity mentioned in the manual as the yardstick.

3. Don’t Ignore Warnings and Tell-tale Indications.

“Check Engine” warning, foul smell while the car is on, strange sounds from the engine, irregular engine knocking, etc might indicate something.  Ignoring the indications or procrastinating will result in excessive expenses on engine repair. In addition to an alarming reduction in engine life. As you understand, the engine is the heart of any car.

4. Replacement of Air Filter.

The air filter is the lungs of the car engine. It prevents unwanted objects from entering the engine. Debris or moisture entering inside the engine can lead to a reduction in engine life or serious effects like the seizure of the engine. Change of air filter at every 15000 to 20000 kilometers is advised to prevent such problems. A clean and properly functioning air filter is necessary for obtaining the best fuel efficiency as well.

5. Overworking a Cold Car Must be Avoided.

You might be wondering why we are stating about engine health at every point. The fact is, the health of the engine is the health of the car. The main component of every vehicle, the proper maintenance of the engine is of paramount importance. Let the engine heat up and reach normal operating temperature before pushing it to extreme functional levels. Overworking a cold car will bring life down significantly.

6. Check Tyres and Maintain Tyre Pressure.

Reduced tire pressure will damage the tires, besides reducing the mileage. Always maintain the tire pressure suggested by the manufacturer. It is also not good to overinflate the tire.

7. Unruly Driving is Harmful to Car.
Aggressive driving, quick acceleration and deceleration, hard stopping, and similar driving can impact the life of your car. The life of the car will improve itself if you practice the standard way of driving. You may think this is funny, but it is a reality.

8.   Keep the Fuel Filled At Least Half.

Fuelling is an expensive thing in this time of skyrocketing fuel prices. People normally wait for the fuel reserve indication to come on to fill the tank. It can affect the performance of the fuel pump. The fuel pump is installed inside the tank in cars nowadays and it is lubricated by the fuel. The lack of adequate fuel inside the tank will affect the lubrication and would result in a defective pump.

9.  Plan Your Trips and Avoid Short Trips.

Frequent short trips will cause multiple cold operations of the engine. To prevent this, you may plan your trips accordingly. Instead of multiple short trips, take a single trip comprising all the requirements. Even though not possible every time, you can comply with this most of the time.

Strong sunlight not only affects the paint of the car but also reduces the life or damages the components like wipers. As much as possible, leave your car parked in the shade. People normally think that sunlight affects only the external area of a vehicle. It is not the cause.

Benefits of Maintaining the Car Healthy

Observing and understanding how to extend the life of your car will help you maintain the car healthily. A technically proven vehicle with all the components performing well, you can expect better sales value. The benefits of maintaining the car healthy are:

  • Observing the standard maintenance practices and tips we shared here will help reduce the expenses of repair and replacement costs.
  • The vehicle will offer better fuel efficiency. Thus reducing the expenses on fuel.
  • A well-maintained car will fetch you a better price than any other car. People always search for a properly maintained used car.

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  • You do not have to worry about a breakdown or unexpected defects while you are on the way.
  • The driving pleasure offered by a healthy car is matchless. It is much higher than the new car you bought.
  • A healthy and well-maintained car reflects your attitude and the love you have for your car.

Indus Used Cars have been selling multi-brand used car for years. We understand the value of a maintained car that performs well on the road. We undertake inspection, repair, and maintenance of each car before placing it for sale. Thus ensuring that our customers receive a second-hand car as good as a new one. Nonetheless, it gives us immense pleasure when we find a well-maintained used car for sale.   

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