Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car’s Clutch

Admin | 08 Dec, 2023

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car’s Clutch

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car’s Clutch

The Clutch is the interface between a vehicle’s engine and gear. The power from the engine is transferred to the gear through the clutch. Flywheel, Clutch Plate, and Pressure Plate are the basic components of a clutch system. Improper use can cause premature failure of the clutch, as well as reduce its life.

Learning how to use the clutch can enhance the service life of the clutch system. You can save on the expenses for frequent replacement of the clutch thereby. Following the tips we discuss here will improve the life of your car’s clutch phenomenally.

1. Avoid Resting Your Foot on the Clutch

It is a common practice to keep the foot on the clutch pedal even if not in use. Resting the foot on the pedal, keeping the clutch depressed will engage the pressure plate, in turn causing the friction plate to come in contact partially leading to wear and tear. The service life of the system will shorten consequently. 

Always remember that the clutch pedal is not your footrest. It is part of the vehicle’s power transmission system. Careless usage of the system can have wide implications for the performance of the vehicle.

2. Frequent Use of Clutch Pedal Can Cause Extensive Wear and Tear

Many press brake and clutch pedals simultaneously. Wrong guidance during the initial driving learning period may be the reason behind this practice. Use the clutch only when the engine power is down and you need to lower the gear. Otherwise, you are unnecessarily engaging the clutch, which increases the usage and results in wear and tear. 

With experience, you will understand the moment the engine power is down or up and the gear has to be changed. Press the clutch pedal at the time only. Depress the clutch, change the gear, and disengage it carefully. That is the method of operation you must pursue.

3. Using Half-clutch at Halts in a Steep Climb

People think of it as their heroism to keep the clutch partially engaged while waiting at a steep climb. They use the half-clutch technique instead of putting on the handbrake, to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward. By this, you are loading the clutch needlessly. Putting the handbrake on is more advisable in such conditions. Cars with an automatic transmission may not have this issue. Nonetheless, you need to use a handbrake if you are a manual vehicle.

4. Launching the Vehicle after Racing the RPM

Youngsters tend to do this more often. They would apply the brake, keep the clutch depressed, raise the engine RPM and engage the clutch suddenly. This would lead to quick wear and tear of the clutch system eventually. Many imitate it from action movies, presuming that this act is heroic. Needless to say, it is a dangerous activity that can lead to fatal accidents.

5. Keeping the Clutch Engaged at Traffic Signals

It is a better practice to put the car in neutral and put the handbrake on while waiting at the traffic signal. Many individuals keep the clutch half-engaged instead of following this. Undoubtedly, it takes more effort and energy to maintain the vehicle in half-clutch condition. Put the car in neutral and engage the hand brakes when you are at the traffic signal. It would not only keep the clutch healthy but also save on fuel consumption.

6.  Engine Braking Affects the Clutch

Engine braking may be essential during certain specific situations. However, it impacts the health of the clutch system. Those who think engine braking is a necessity should learn and practice the accurate methodology of engine braking. It is better to limit engine braking and depend more on normal braking. During dangerous situations, wherein normal braking can lead to skidding of the vehicle, you may try engine braking.

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How to Maintain Your Car Clutch Health?

We cannot stop using the clutch entirely. It wouldn’t have been there in a car in that case. Practising healthy usage of the clutch system can save you a lot of money in replacement of the clutch system.  

·         Make it a practice to use the clutch only when necessary.

·         Learn to operate it in a proper way.

·         Keep the foot away from the clutch when it may not be required to use (especially on highways).

·         Proper maintenance of the clutch system during periodic servicing.

A well-maintained car can perform well and also help it’s owner be safe.  So developing the habit of proper maintenance is a must when you own any vehicle. 

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