How Often Should You Service the Car? (All doubts Cleared)

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How Often Should You Service the Car?

How Often Should You Service the Car?

Many often have doubts regarding the servicing of the car. More often than not, people skip regular servicing even after reminders from the servicing centres. Thinking that it is mere waste of time and money.

Periodic servicing of a car is essential to keep it technically healthy, maintain its serviceability, preclude defects, and enhance the life expectancy of components and the car. A properly serviced and maintained car can fetch you more money in the second-hand car market. Besides offering a flawless performance and comfortable journey while in use.

Things that Determine How Often Should Your Service the Car

Many factors can decide the servicing periodicity of the car. Usage is the foremost thing that affects the components and may cause wear and tear. The technical team undertaking the maintenance and servicing would replace the worn-out or defective parts to prevent the cascading effect on the complete system. Thus, reducing the overall repair expenses.

The build quality, strength, durability and performance of the modern cars are way higher than the old models are. Installed with advanced components, the car may not require repair frequently. Nonetheless, it is crucial to undertake inspection and evaluation of the parts in a fixed periodicity. The schedule for servicing may be fixed on kilometres run or time elapsed.

Things that determine the servicing periodicity are:

  • Car Manufacturer’s Instructions ( Car Manual )

This is the first thing you must check. The car manual will have a specified frequency of servicing, ascertained based on the studies and evaluation of the experts. It would be great if you can abide by the directives in the car manual and undertake servicing within the stipulated period. Ideally, the cars should be serviced at a frequency of six months or 10,000 km, whichever is earlier.

  • Age and Condition of the Vehicle  

Car servicing periodicity can depend on the age of the vehicle and overall condition. It may need more frequent servicing if the car is more than a decade old. As with usage, the wear and tear would be more and the components can fail frequently. The best way to avoid the breakdown of the car is to service it without fail.

  • The Way You Use Your Car 

Do you drive the car carefully observing all the guidelines? Are you a rough driver? The way you drive the car can have an effect on the internal condition of the vehicle. It may become defective quicker than the intended period if the style of driving is not correct.

  • Type of Terrain Can Affect the Condition of the Car 

 How are the roads? What is the type of terrain you drive your car? These elements can affect the condition of the components. You may have to repair or service the car more often if you drive on rough terrains frequently.

  • Car Model  

The servicing periodicity differs depending on the type of car and model. In this case, as well, it would be ideal to check the car manual. To confirm the servicing periodicity.

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Issues If You Don’t Service the Car on Regular Periods

The main issues that can occur due to lack of proper servicing in the prescribed period are:

  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Breakdown of the vehicle
  • Frequent defects
  • Low second-hand price
  • Reduced life of components and the car
  • High expenses on repair and reconditioning

How Often Should You Service the Car?

You can fix the servicing period of the car based on the following factors:

  • The periodicity mentioned in the car manual
  • Guidance from the trusted car servicing centre
  • Condition and performance of the car
  • Age of the car
  • Usage of the vehicle. The high the usage, the low the servicing periodicity, as the wear and tear due to usage would be high
  • It is advisable to undertake service of the car every six months or every 10,000 km run (whichever is earlier)
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Types of Car Servicing

The types of car servicing include:

  • Minor Servicing  

A normal inspection of the vehicle is done to identify any defects or fluid changes if required. The engine oil, coolant liquid, and other fluids would be examined to assess their condition. The fluids would be replaced in case necessary based on the condition and kilometres run.

  • Interim Car Servicing  

This type of servicing is advised if you use the car in rough terrains and harsh conditions. The interim servicing would depend on the model of the car as well. For example, in case you are using a hatchback on rough roads or for off-roading, it would need interim servicing essentially. Interim servicing falls between minor and major servicing.

  • Major Servicing  

Full body check-ups, an inspection of all the minor and major components, condition of clutch, condition of tyres, road test, examination of fluids, etc are included in major servicing. The car would be completely healthy after the major servicing. It is always best to undertake major servicing annually. Nevertheless, approach only an authorized servicing centre for major servicing. Local servicing centres may not have the equipment for detailed inspection. Further, the servicing at an authorized centre will guarantee quality.

A properly serviced and maintained car will offer you comfortable drive, as well as, fetch you a better cost in the used car market. With the second hand car segment flourishing, it is good to sell your vehicle to a trusted used car dealer when you want to buy a new car.

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