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13 Apr, 2024

How to Deal with an Overheated Car Engine ?

How to Deal with an Overheated Car Engine ?

Fire accidents due to car engine overheating have been in news for quite some time. Creating havoc among car owners and causing anxiety to the passengers. It does not take much time for the fire to spread and engulf the entire vehicle. Leading to fatalities and irrecoverable loss.  

Precaution and corrective measures are necessary, rather than worrying about them. The engine overheating occurs due to an inefficient cooling system. That leads to increased temperature on the engine. The primary causes of the defective engine cooling system are:

1.      Leakage in the engine cooling system

2.      Water pump not functioning properly or broken

3.      Radiator fan defective

4.      Leakage from coolant system hose

5.      Clogged cooling system tube

Undertaking corrective measures at the earliest is the only measure for preventing engine overheating and heavy damage subsequently.

Indications of Car Engine Overheating

Normally, engine overheating does not happen out of the blue. The system would release indications about the abnormal condition, before failing. You can avoid the damage if act on time, without waiting for the next repair or servicing schedule.

The indications of car engine overheating include:

1.  Smoke (which is basically “steam”) emerges from the bonnet.

2.  Illumination of the red engine high-temperature warning light on the dashboard.

3.  Burning smell that would be evident to the driver and the passengers.

Get the car inspected and clear the issue even if you have a minor doubt regarding engine overheating. It's good to be alert than to worry later.

Actions in Case of Engine Overheating

Knowing the safety precautions and how to deal with an overheated car engine is good for preventing irreversible damage. Unawareness is always the enemy in any such situation. That is why you must have a clear perspective about how to act if car engine overheating is suspected.

1. Switch the A/C Off and Set the Cabin Temperature Setting to Hot

Your aim should be to pull to a side and stop the car. Nonetheless, it may not be possible to stop the car at the same instance. You will have to change lanes, and move the car to a safe position before shutting down the engine. Therefore, the first action is to put the air-conditioning off. This would reduce the load on the engine. Then, rotate the temperature setting to HOT. So, a significant amount of temperature is diverted to the cabin, reducing the heat on the engine.  

2. Pull the Car to the Side and Stop

This is an important initial step in dealing with an overheated car engine. We placed this as the second point considering the practical difficulty of stopping the car in the middle of the road. Stop the car and kill the engine if it is possible at the same place or pull over to the side of the road. All the passengers should alight the vehicle immediately. Have a visual inspection from a safe distance. Call us and get instant help from our trained specialists, to avoid further damage and safety issues.

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3. Coolant Replenishment

You can check the engine coolant level once the car is confirmed to be safe to approach. Replenish the car engine cooling system fluid if you have it available in the vehicle or if there is any shop nearby. This method would be effective only if the engine overheating is due to insufficient fluid in the system. The technique is not going to be of use, in case of coolant hose blockage, pump defect, or any other defect.

4. Restart and Check the Engine

We would not advise this step if you are not sure about the engine cooling system's condition. It is advisable to tow the vehicle to a trusted servicing center to check and repair the overheating issue. The car can be driven to a nearby servicing center once the engine has cooled down. At the same time, be cautious and observe for any abnormalities or indications until you reach the service center.

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Things Not to DO During Engine Overheating

A few things must not be done if you face serious engine overheating trouble. A few of those are:

1.  Do not panic. A panic-stricken mind will lack confidence and fall prey to confusion.

2.  Do not continue the journey thinking to get it checked at the next servicing station. The car will catch fire even before you think.

3.  Avoid opening the bonnet immediately. Wait for the engine to cool down before touching the metallic hood.

4.  Do not delay the repair. It will lead to irreparable damages.


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