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03 Mar, 2024

Best Tips To Make Your Car More Eco Friendly

Best Tips To Make Your Car More Eco Friendly

Reducing the carbon footprint is the foremost thing that we can do to preserve the environment. Electric, as well as hybrid vehicles, are designed with a focus on this concept. EVs are not yet in full-fledged production, and neither are highly popular. Financial feasibility is another element that puts a barrier between EVs and the common man.

You can follow the tips we share here to reduce emissions, and thereby carbon footprint. The idea is to make the car more eco-friendly than normal. Observed to be effective, analysts worldwide suggest these to car owners.

Tips to Make Your Car More Eco Friendly

1.         Proper Periodic Maintenance
Periodic maintenance is the first effective step for making the car more eco-friendly. Proper servicing would improve fuel efficiency and offer better mileage. Thus, assuring you savings on fuel expenses as well. The reduced fuel consumption would mean reduced emissions.
An oil change at the specified periodicity would keep the greenhouse emissions under control. In addition, the change of filers, inspection and replacement of spark plugs if required, examination of the electrical system and associated components, correct engine tuning, etc. also works well for maintaining preferable fuel efficiency. The lower the fuel burned the less harm is caused to the biosphere.

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2.        Driving The Car In The Prescribed Speed Range
Constant acceleration, braking, and maneuvering lead to increased fuel consumption. Consequently resulting in an unacceptable carbon footprint. Many a time, youngsters are involved in harsh driving and dangerous maneuvering. It is bad for the vehicle, negatively impacts the mileage, and increases the accident probability significantly. In anyways, it is best if you can maintain the driving speed at a range suggested by the manufacturers.
Choose the cruise control option if the car has the feature available. It would prevent the car from going beyond a specified speed limit. Be a responsible citizen. Avoid unhealthy driving practices. And reduce the carbon footprint caused by your car.

3.        Keep The Tire Pressure In The Range Advised
Keeping the tire pressure in the range is advised among the tips to make your car more eco friendly. Tyre pressure has an unavoidable role in fuel economy. The fuel efficiency goes down if the car tire pressure is below the suggested range. A deflated or improperly inflated tire would add load to the engines. Consequently, the engine will have to put more power on them to push the car forward.
A significant amount of fuel is burned just due to this aspect. Many car owners do not know the implications of tire pressure. They procrastinate charging the tired thinking that it is not that important.

4.        Fuel System Inspection
The fuel system comprises a fuel tank, fuel pipelines, fuel filters, and a fuel pump. Each of the components has its specific role. Any defect, even if minor, can influence fuel efficiency. In turn, the fuel economy would go down largely. Undertaking proper periodic inspection of the fuel system is of paramount importance. Choose only a trusted car maintenance center for periodic inspections and maintenance. Otherwise, you would never know whether they have done the servicing properly or not.

In addition to periodic inspection, corrective maintenance practices can be considered. Look for fuel leaks or system knocking due to incorrect ignition. The smell of fuel might indicate a fuel leak, which would increase fuel consumption. Get the leak rectified at the earliest in this case.

5.        Radiator Maintenance
One of the important tips to make your car more eco friendly is maintaining the radiator properly. The radiator keeps the car engine cool and prevents overheating. Annual refilling, inspection for any defects, keeping the cap intact, etc. have to be undertaken meticulously.
A faulty thermostat can also cause ineffective cooling. The first indication of a defective thermostat is the erratic indication on the temperature gauge.

6.        Check The Emission System During Periodic Servicing
The emission system has a prime role in controlling exhaust fumes. Thus reducing the pollution caused by the vehicle. The warning “check engine” would illuminate in case there is any issue with the emission system. A car mechanic would be able to identify the exact defect and correct it.

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7.         Turn Off At Traffic
A majority of car drivers keep the car idle while at the traffic signal or at heavy traffic. It is better to keep the car engine shut down when you are waiting for the signal. You may not be able to switch off the engine in slow-moving traffic. However, the car engine can be off when the vehicle is stuck in a traffic jam.
The emissions would go up when the car is running at idle speed. The latest vehicles are installed with idle stop-start systems to overcome this problem. Thus saving on fuel as well as reducing emissions.

8.        Extra Weight Less Efficiency

Keep the car weight low during traveling. Take only essential items when you are going for a picnic or long-distance journeys. The large boot space should not be a reason for overfilling the car. The vehicle’s efficiency would go down with the increase in load.
You can obtain better fuel efficiency and make your car more eco-friendly by following these ideas judiciously.  
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