Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Car In Good Condition- Car Maintenance Tips

Admin | 25 Jul, 2024

Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Car In  Good Condition

Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Car In Good Condition

While it is a dream-come-true moment when you get to ride in your dream car, things don’t end with just the purchase. You have to invest time and effort in maintaining your dream car in a perfect condition so that you can enjoy every ride. A well-maintained car not only runs well without any hiccups, but it also gives you a better value when it comes to selling it. Further, if your car is not healthy, you cannot expect safe travels.

For example, you can get stuck in the middle of nowhere if your car stops working because of poor maintenance. While it might seem like a big work, maintaining your car takes a small portion of your time, if done regularly. All you have to do is, give it a wash, check the levels of coolant, water, and check basic wiring. 

Tips For Keeping Your Car Healthy

We are going to share tips for car maintenance that you can follow to keep your cars in good shape for years down the road. So, read on, and make sure you start following them to keep your prized possession, actually prized.

Engine Oil Levels

Start with your car maintenance routine by doing a follow-up of the things under the hood of your car. Take a medium-long stick and dip it in the engine oil container to check the level of the oil. If the level is too low, make sure to pay a visit to a workshop or mechanic to refill the engine oil.

On an average, the manufacturers claim that once filled, the engine oil can last for about 15000 km, you should get it changed after every 10000 km so as to keep your car engine healthy and pumping.

Check the levels of car fluids

Like your body, your car’s body also has some crucial fluids that are extremely important for its health. Wiper water, coolant and brake oil are some of these fluids. Brake oil sign is generally displayed on all the panels and indicates when you need a refill. If the coolant levels drop, your car can get overheated and stop functioning. Many times the wirings also burn because of overheating. It can become a source of trouble if you are in some remote location with almost no services around.

Brakes, belts, wires and batteries

Brakes, belts, wires and batteries – all of them are the lifelines of your car. Every few months, open the hood and check all of them. If you use your car daily, then you must do these checks after every 2 or 3 months. If you don’t have much understanding of these parts, you can take your car to a reputed mechanic or a workshop for regular check-ups. Batteries in your car get charged, every time your car is out on a ride. However, they get old with time and need replacement. So, get them checked every few years.

Damages caused by rodents 

Rodents like mice, insects and serpents can easily find their way inside the car. While the rodents can chew on the wires and belts, insects and serpents can be really harmful. Rodents can also leave an unpleasant odour in the car. Mice are highly notorious and can wreak havoc inside your car. Seats and seat covers can become tasty treats for rodents. So, if your car is parked at places where rats are common always check for rodent infestation.

Have an eye on the warning signs.

Always heed the warning signs displayed on the panel or dashboard of your car. They are there for a reason, and ignoring them means playing with your car’s health and your safety. Brake oil, seat belt, and open window are some of the common warning signs. Apart from these, the car will issue warnings for any other disorder that you must not overlook.

Check the tyres

The best sign of wear and tear in the car tyres is the treading pattern. The treads can tell when the tyre needs replacement. Apart from the treads, you must also look for proper air pressure and any other issues such as loose tyres that can send your car spiralling down the road. You can consult an expert mechanic or go to some workshop for a thorough tyre check-up after every few years.

Seek expert help, always!

Whenever your car needs expert help, you must go to an expert mechanic or workshop. Though they might come with expensive services, you don’t have to worry about duplicate parts or duping mechanics. Expert mechanics also guide you with a lot of other things and can actually help you increase the life of your vehicle.

Car body also needs care

Your car’s body tolerates the worst of the external conditions. So, after every wash, coat the surface with some reliable and high-grade polish to keep the surface shining bright. Deal with the little dents, chafing, and unsightly marks so that your prized possession always has a pretty face.

Headlights and windows

Headlights, parking lights, reverse-gear lights, sirens, horns, fog lights and windows – ensure that all these things are working properly before going on a ride. You must follow the entire check-up routine as a must before taking your car on a long journey. Ignoring even one of them can land you in trouble any time.

Clean the interiors

Every few days, clean the interiors of your car. Clean the seats, seat covers, dashboard, dust the mats, brush the other parts of the car and spray some freshener. Routine cleaning is essential to remove the dust and accumulated garbage. Your car can become the breeding ground for many germs and bacteria if you don’t clean it regularly and properly.

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Now that we have completed the tips for maintaining a car in good condition, let us move on for some extra tips as well;

Old Car Maintenance Tips

If you still love using your old car, just give it extra care for maintaining your long term relationship. Here is the list of possible maintenance items:-

  • Car service should always be on time.
  • Replace coolant
  • Replace Spark plug
  • Check brake fluid
  • Check tyre pressure and condition periodically
  • Take your car to some reputed workshop or expert mechanic at least 2 to 3 times in a year for proper maintenance.

New Car Maintenance Tips

The best way to enjoy your new vehicle is to give it proper care.  Sharing some useful tips to keep your car new as always. Follow the service schedule and the tips given below so that your new car always gives a feeling of being new.

  • Check tyre pressure
  • Check wheel alignment
  • Check battery
  • Check all fluids
  • Keep interior and exterior clean
  • Check/ Clean wipers
  • Clean air filters

Keeping your car in the best possible way is always the smart move. It ensures the safety of driving, better performance, extends the life of the car and when it comes to selling your car it allows you to have higher resale value. After all, your car is your travel companion, isn’t it?

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