Car Maintenance on Monsoon- Most Practical Tips for Your Car

Admin | 03 Mar, 2024

Car Maintenance on Monsoon- Most Practical Tips for Your Car

Car Maintenance on Monsoon- Most Practical Tips for Your Car

Car care during monsoon is a matter of concern. Improper maintenance and ineffective protection can affect the life of the vehicle. Standard procedures must be pursued for keeping the components healthy, rust-free, and functioning properly. Each of the components will necessitate specific treatment and protection methods. Keeping the car monsoon ready is important.

Check Your Car Tyres

Car tyres have to be inspected for confirming the condition. Tyres with tread worn out can cause accidents. The road will be slippery during the rains. A tyre with a firm grip on the road will help prevent skidding, keep the car in control and enhance the confidence of the driver. The condition of treads can be examined by coin test. Insert a two rupee coin in the tread channel and check how deep it goes. If half of the coin gets immersed, the tire is okay for use in the monsoon season. Else, it will require a replacement.

Inspect The Car Underbody

Protection of the underbody area is vital. The dirty water accumulated on the road will get into the underbody components. This can corrode the components. Underbody protection treatment must be undertaken prior to the monsoon season. A mixture of used oil and diesel is also advisable for underbody protection. The mixture could be applied to the area including car suspensions, avoiding engine and brake.

Apply Ceramic Coating

Applying ceramic coating will help maintain the paint color intact and protect the car from both rain and sunlight. Constant exposure to rain and sunlight will fade the paint of the car and damage it. Go for the ceramic coating to prevent this from happening. This is an unavoidable maintenance practice if the car is parked in the open.

Check The Brakes

Brakes are the saviours during the monsoon. The roads will be wet and skiddy. Proper and effective braking will be vital to control the car effectively. A perfect braking system is more important during monsoon than any other climatic condition. The inspection and liquidation of brake defects and replacement of underperforming parts are part of our special monsoon maintenance package.

Ensure Wipers Are Okay

Wipers must be functioning properly. Furthermore, the wiper blades must be in proper condition. The cars that are parked in the sun will have a damaged wiper blade normally. The blade tends to stick to the windscreen due to the heat, resulting in damage the next time it is operated. Check that the wipers are removing water properly. Replacement of windscreen wipers will not cost much. 

Check The Air-conditioners

Air-conditioners during Monsoon!? This might be a big question for many. Being a tropical country we use air-conditioners only for cooling purposes and not for cabin heating. Therefore, the usage of a/c during monsoon may not be conceivable.  Air-condition helps in maintaining the moisture inside. Thereby keeping the cabin dry and fresh. The air conditioning system must be serviced before monsoon season for those to function properly. 

Inspect Battery Condition

The battery health must be satisfactory. It is troublesome to be stuck on the road during the monsoon. Undertake charging or replacement of the battery as necessary. It is important to confirm that the insulation and wiring are in proper condition. Otherwise, it can lead to a short circuit.

Alloy wheel Coating

The car alloy wheels must be coated with a protective coating before the monsoons. The coating will maintain the wheels healthy even if subjected to adverse weather conditions. We offer exceptional quality alloy wheel coating that will protect the wheels for a long time. Check out the coating process and the charges from the Indus service centre near you. 

Ensure Periodic Inspection

It is a good thing to inspect the car frequently even though pre-monsoon maintenance has been undertaken. Corrective measures could be instituted in case of any anomalies or telltale indications of a defect. Get in touch with our professional team for knowing about healthy preventive maintenance practices.

Cover Your Car

Make sure your car is properly covered during the rainy season. It is a good practice to ensure that your car does not get exposed more time to the rain, it will damage the parts eventually. Park your car in areas where it is not affected by rain or invest in a waterproof car cover. 

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Indus offers a comprehensive monsoon maintenance package for cars. The vehicles will be inspected by our technicians and corrective actions would be embodied without any failure. This will aid in keeping the car healthy and improving the life period of the components. Focussing more on the accessories and parts that come in direct contact with rain and moisture, we ensure the car is ready to remain strong even after heavy rains.

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