Winter Car Care Tips: Simple & Effective Methods

Admin | 18 Jun, 2024

Winter Car Care Tips: Simple & Effective Methods

Winter Car Care Tips: Simple & Effective Methods

Winter is here. Your car would need some specific care during the cold season. Of course, the introduction of innovative technologies has improved the quality of the components and the overall performance. Still, it is imperative to observe some quick tips that would be helping to keep the vehicle healthy.

As you might understand, the car would function without any issues even if you don’t follow these tips. Notwithstanding, it will have a better life, hence reduced maintenance needs saving your money, if you pursue the tips discussed here diligently.

  • Warm Up the Car Before Engaging the Gear and Moving Forward

Technology has changed over a period. A quantum improvement in automobile engineering and design features occurred in the past couple of decades. Nowadays all the cars are installed with the most efficient systems and components. As is the case, the car may not need a warming up during the winter.

However, it is always better to warm up the car, the first time you start it on any day during the winter. We are not saying that the components and accessories may require warming up due to the cold scenario. But the warming up would provide priming of the systems. The engine oil would reach all the points, thus minimizing the probability of wear and tear.

  • Check Engine Oil and Coolant

Check the condition of engine oil to confirm. Winter is the right season to change engine oil if required. Further, the condition of the coolant also can be checked and replaced if required. The coolant in the cars supports cabin warming as well. Hence, it is necessary to confirm it.

  • Is the Battery Condition Okay?

You may need an electrical mechanic to look into the battery condition and do the needful. Improper functioning is the indication of an unhealthy battery. It may require distilled water, charging or overall servicing. There are possibilities of water drying out during the extremely hot conditions of summer. If not confirmed prior to winter, the lack of water can result in permanent damage to the car battery.

  • Check Brake Condition

Monsoon is known to be the enemy of breaks. You would require a perfectly functioning brake system during the season. The importance of the system is no less during winter as well. Winter also can cause slippery road conditions, in many regions across India. This necessitates a fault-free and effective brake system.

  • Condition of Tyre and Tyre Pressure

Winter tyres are advised for the regions with snowfall during winter. The tyre with a specific type of treading suitable for winter may not be required at most of the places in India. Therefore, a generic tyre inspection may only be required.

Air expands with an increase in temperature and contracts with a dip in the temperature. That means the air pressure would be up during the summer season and down during winters. You will have to check the air pressure frequently during the cold season, to ensure that the tyres have adequate air inside.

  • Headlights and Fog Lamps

Fog can affect the vision during the night drive. As you might know, the impact with fog visibility goes down substantially even during the day. Though it may not be a concern for many states in India, correctly functioning fog lamps and headlights are vital for hilly terrains and places with extreme winter.

It may not be possible for you to check all the components and systems. Firstly you don’t have the experience and expertise on the automobile components. Secondly, you may be busy with other work to dedicate time exclusively for this. A reliable car service centre would be ideal to undertake inspections for the winter season.

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How to Pick the Right Car Servicing Centre?

Car servicing and repair centres have an important role in ensuring the health of the vehicle. Furthermore, servicing and repairing at specified intervals would be useful for better performance and enhanced life of the car.

You should check the following points before choosing the car servicing centre:

Experience – How experienced are the technicians and supervisors? A quick discussion with the professionals would be helpful to understand their experience in the field.

Trustworthiness – You may not be checking each of the components to confirm the servicing status. The only thing you may undertake post-servicing is a test drive to ascertain the smoothness in operation. 

Since this is the case, you must hand over your vehicle only to a trusted car servicing centre. Dependable car servicing centres pursue a transparent servicing system and every job is supervised by handpicked supervisors. 

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Responsible Approach – Aptitude and attitude are the two important traits the servicing personnel must possess. They should be responsible for the servicing being undertaken and answer all your concerns honestly. 

Instead of just doing something on the visible area, the technical team must carry out repair, replacement and refurbishment of components as required. Moreover, the supervisor should inform you in advance and obtain your approval on such replacements that may cause additional expenditure.

Make sure that you follow the above-mentioned points to keep your car in good condition in the winter season.

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