CNG vs Petrol Vs Diesel Cars – Which One Should You Opt For?

Admin | 26 Nov, 2022

CNG vs Petrol Vs Diesel Cars – Which One Should You Opt For?

CNG vs Petrol Vs Diesel Cars – Which One Should You Opt For?

The question of CNG or petrol or diesel car to buy has been a long debated one. One thing that has become more evident nowadays is that the future of diesel cars is bleak. 

Reducing the carbon footprint is of paramount importance. To offer a healthy and clean world to future generations. With that perspective, diesel cars may not be an advisable option.  Leading car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki have discontinued many of their diesel models. Government is also not welcoming diesel cars, for reducing the emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Still, we would compare CNG, petrol and diesel cars for you to have a clear idea about the variants and the right one to opt for. Notwithstanding, skyrocketing fuel prices are a prime factor when deciding the car to buy.

Consider These While Comparing CNG Vs Petrol Vs Diesel

You may ask the following questions to yourself and to your family members before further analysing the variant to buy. Your decision would depend on the answers to these questions.

1. What is the purpose of the car you are buying?

  • For going to an office
  • Family requirements
  • Daily commutation
  • Taxi service

2. How long are you planning to keep the car?

  • For a few years
  • For the entire lifetime of the vehicle
  • Until the car becomes unusable

3. How much might the fuel expenditure be in a month?

4. Who else in the family is going to use the car?

5. How much are you planning to spend on the maintenance of the car per month?

Maintenance Aspects of CNG, Petrol and Diesel Cars

Normally, petrol cars are maintenance friendly. The expenses for the maintenance of petrol cars are minimal compared to both the other types. 

The factors about maintenance of petrol, CNG and diesel cars are:

  • Petrol cars are maintenance friendly
  • The cost of spares for petrol cars is lower compared to diesel and CNG
  • Diesel cars have complex engine components
  • The repair and maintenance costs of diesel cars are high compared to petrol cars
  • CNG cars will have a petrol option as well. Nonetheless, the maintenance cost of the CNG kit is high
  • Frequent inspection is necessary in the case of CNG cars, to rule out leakage or other defects
  • At times, the maintenance costs of CNG cars are higher than petrol and diesel cars
You can refer to this blog to know more about low-maintenance cars.

Advantages of Petrol, Diesel and CNG Cars

The below table would give you an idea about the advantages of each type of car.

Petrol Cars
Diesel Cars
CNG Cars
The cost of a petrol car is normally lower than the other two
Running costs are lower than a petrol car
High fuel economy (mileage)
Comfortable to drive
Comfortable for long-distance travel
Low fuel expenses
Stable power output 
Higher longevity than a petrol car
Monthly fuel expenditure will be much lower than diesel and petrol
Fuel expense is lower than a petrol car
Low on emission

Disadvantages of Petrol, Diesel and CNG Cars

Let’s look into the cons of petrol, diesel and CNG cars.

Petrol Cars
Diesel Cars
CNG Cars
Fuel expense is higher than both diesel and CNG
Higher carbon emissions, hence bad for the environment
Low performance compared to both the other cars
Mileage is lower than both diesel and CNG
The government is planning to discontinuation of diesel cars in a phased manner
Slow response on acceleration (pickup)
Increasing fuel prices may impact your budget
Costlier than petrol cars
CNG fueling stations are fewer. Hence you may have to search for the same at times
May not be advisable for daily use
The engine requires more maintenance than a petrol car
Higher maintenance cost

Petrol and diesel price has only a minor difference. Therefore, you need to drive it extensively to break even the extra money paid for buying the car
Meagre or no boot space

How to Determine Which Car to Buy?

Determining the car to buy – petrol, diesel or CNG- might be a tricky thing. You need to take a decision after ascertaining the requirements, average monthly usage, your budget etc. We are providing you with a few suggestions here.

However, you may decide only after taking your needs into consideration.

A petrol car is a viable option if you are not going to use the car frequently. You need to drive extensively to break even the extra money spent on diesel or CNG cars.
If the car would be used a bit higher than the minimum, you can consider going for a CNG car. Let the monthly usage be 1000 km. Then, CNG might turn economical for you.
For those planning to use the car daily then, a diesel car may be advisable with extensive driving requirements.
A diesel or CNG car is the best option if you are planning to use the car as a taxi.

If you are still in doubt about which car model to choose, visit our nearest Indus Used Cars showroom. We offer free assistance to help you own your favourite car. 


We are offering you three conclusions here. You may evaluate each and take a conclusive decision.

Diesel cars offer good performance and would last more than both the other fuel variants.
If you don’t want to spend much on maintenance, then petrol cars are the best for you. Just go for it right away.
If you want to keep running costs extremely low, pick CNG cars without any confusion. CNG cars are ideal for usage as taxis as well.

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