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19 May, 2024

Major Automatic Transmission Problems Need to Pay Attention

Major Automatic Transmission Problems Need to Pay Attention

The popularity of automatic cars is increasing each day. The introduction of affordably priced automatic transmission options led to more people choosing it. Maruti Suzuki, the leading player in the Indian automobile industry, has been spearheading the transformation.

As with any machinery, defects can occur in automatic transmission as well. Recognizing the tell-tale indications would help you in preventing unexpected breakdowns. Think how embarrassing and troublesome it would be when your vehicle stops midway. Indus Used Cars undertake a comprehensive inspection of the used cars we sell. That would reduce the chances of automatic transmission defects. Our lauded after-sales support would ensure the proper functioning of the system.

Here we are discussing major automatic transmission problems you need to pay attention to. Get the defect resolved as and when you spot it. To avoid cascading effects that would lead to the complete failure of the system.

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Major Reasons which Cause Automatic Transmission Problems

1. Improper Maintenance Schedule

Automatic transmission requires periodic preventive and predictive maintenance servicing. Lack of which can cause unforeseen defects and may result in major automatic transmission problems. The fluids and filters must be replenished/ replaced in the proposed periodicity. The car manufacturers determine the life of the components after detailed analysis and testing only. Therefore, it is very unlikely for the components to function properly post the periodicity they suggest. This can result in a defective automatic transmission.  

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2. Leakage from the System 

Defective gaskets and seals are other common problems in automatic transmission. Consequent leakage of fluid is the reason for low fluid levels, overheating, friction between moving components, burning of fluid, and similar defects in the system. Get the leakage checked and implement the corrective repair. That would preclude subsequent defects in the system, which might be too expensive and time-consuming.

3.  Delayed Response in Transmission

The visible delay in response from the automatic transmission needs to be checked and corrected. A slight delay in responding to the engagement is normal. You need to consult the technical team only if the transmission system appears hesitant in engaging. Insufficient fuel pressure or issues with the clutch may be the reason behind this problem.

4. Slippery Gears 

The ECU is the brain for the automatic transmission system. It monitors the acceleration, calculates based on different variable inputs, and controls the shifting of gears. The non-response from the ECU is the cause of slippery gears, which normally cause major automatic transmission problems.

5. Gears Rubbing with Each Other

Gears rubbing with each other or gears grinding is not a common defect in the case of automatic transmission. Periodic servicing and inspection by qualified professionals would help in precluding this defect.

6. No Gear Shift 
Automatic transmission is affected by a number of components like pistons, solenoids, friction clutches, mechanical clutches, and servos functioning in tandem, controlled by the ECU. Any anomalies in the computer can lead to erroneous functioning, leading to improper shifting of gears or no gearshift at all. You need an expert technician for inspecting the system and undertaking the corrective repair.
7. Engine Warning Light
The check engine light warning is not limited only to engine defects. The defect could be in the engine, transmission system, or any associated systems. A detailed inspection is necessary to identify the exact cause and undertake the repair. What the indication means would differ depending on the car model, make, type of systems installed, and so on.
8. Engine Stalling
You can expect this defect if the car has a torque converter automatic transmission. The engine might turn off while in low-speed conditions. The Clutch is supposed to disengage when the car is slow. Otherwise, the gears would overload the engine leading to stalling. Get the automatic transmission checked in detail and institute repair measures. The car might break down on the road if the defect is not rectified at the earliest.

9. Defective Torque Converter
The torque converter is a crucial component in the transmission system. It transmits the torque produced to the transmission system and drive wheels. A defective torque converter would cause overheating, shuttering sensation, and other issues. It may also stop shifting to upper gears even when the vehicle is accelerated. Eventually resulting in complete disruption of the automatic transmission system. Take your car to an expert automobile mechanic in the first instance itself to avoid major automatic transmission problems.
10. Issues with the Solenoids 
Worn-out solenoids can impede the smooth functioning of automatic transmission systems. It can create issues with gear downshifting or upshifting and lead to irregular pressure in the system. The engine warning light coming on without any defects can also occur due to a defective solenoid. The electrical system analysis might be required to rule out the solenoid defect or to replace the specific defective solenoid.

The Conclusion

Periodic servicing of the automatic system would assure you of the fault-free functioning of the system. This may also help you avoid major automatic transmission problems that need to pay attention to as early as possible. You should pursue the servicing schedule suggested by the manufacturer for receiving the best performance from the car. Further, you should get the car serviced at a trusted servicing center only. The experience and knowledge of the technicians are of paramount importance. Especially in the case of automatic transmission cars.

Indus Used Cars guarantees properly inspected and maintained automatic cars from all brands. The number one second-hand car dealership in Kerala, we have been serving customers committedly for years. We have multiple showrooms and service centers around the state. Making it easy for car owners to reach out to a trusted car servicing center.

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