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12 Apr, 2024

How to Prevent Common Causes of Battery Drain?

How to Prevent Common Causes of Battery Drain?

A drained battery can destroy your travel plans. Imagine the condition wherein the car refuses to start when you are going to someplace urgently. Unexpected draining of the battery can be annoying. However, you can prevent battery drain by identifying the causes and implementing corrective actions.

This blog is intended to provide you with insights regarding how to prevent common causes of battery drain. And the methods for preventing such a scenario.

Reasons for Car Battery Drain

Seven common causes of car battery drain are listed here. Normally, one of these might have caused the battery to die.

1. Corrosion on the Battery Terminals

The saline atmosphere in this region is conducive to corrosion.  The battery terminals can get corroded over a period. Thus causing the car battery to drain. Similarly loose terminals due to incorrect maintenance practices or improper connection can also lead to the draining of the car battery.

2. Leaving the Headlight On

Leaving the car’s headlight on will result in the draining of the battery. Some car models have a system in place for automatic switching off of headlights, if the vehicle remains idle for some time. At the same time, most cars require switching off headlights manually. 

3. Parasitic Drain

Parasitic drain is another common cause of car battery drain. Even a minor defect or flaw in the system can lead to a parasitic drain. Defective relays, non-switching off of a particular light, issues with the automatic alarm systems, etc. can be causative for parasitic drains. Those items would continue sucking power unless switched off manually.

4. Old Car Battery

Every car battery has a lifespan specified by the manufacturer. Even though they may function after the subject timeframe, issues might start appearing. Frequent draining of car batteries is a common issue with old batteries. Recharging or jump start may not help to bring the car battery to life. The battery may perform a couple of times, before dying again. An old car battery that shows such symptoms must be replaced at the earliest.

5. Frequent Short Trips Can Kill the Battery

Frequent short trips can create problems for the battery. The car requires additional power while starting. The alternator makes up for the extra power consumed during starting. It recharges the battery while the vehicle is on. Nonetheless, the alternator will not get sufficient time to recharge the battery, when the trip is short. Thus causing a reduction in power available in the car battery. As this scenario repeats constantly, the battery may drain rapidly.

6. Defective Alternator

The alternator is intended for recharging the battery as well as providing constant power to the systems and accessories. The alternator diode can become defective over a period, which would impede the power flow to the battery. Consequently, the car battery will drain out completely. Then you may have to jump-start and get the servicing done at a workshop.

7. Extreme Climatic Conditions

One of the common causes of car battery drain is climate conditions. Extreme hot or cold climates can impair batteries. The temperature conditions can affect the chemicals inside the battery pack. Consequent reactions owing to the hot or cold climate can drain the battery. Moreover, the chemical fluids inside the battery may evaporate due to the high temperature. On the other hand, the battery power required for starting the car is double, compared to normal conditions, during cold climates.

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How to Prevent Car Battery Drain?

You can prevent car battery drain to a great extent by observing a few simple steps. Here are some tips for your concerns about how to prevent common causes of battery drain.

Those are:

Drive Your Car Frequently: You must drive your car frequently. It would keep the battery charged, with the alternator charging the battery. You may, at least, start the vehicle if you are not using it frequently. Otherwise, it may get discharged before you think. And the car may not start.

Do Not Leave the Headlight On: At times, people forget to switch off the car headlight. Leaving the headlight on will drain the battery quickly. It is okay to leave the car light on if it has an automatic switch-off system. Otherwise, the mistake is going to harm the battery.

Battery Inspection: Inspection of the battery at frequent periodicity is another important step. The inspection and maintenance of the car battery at the prescribed periodicity can help you keep it healthy.

Avoid Short Trips as much as possible: Short trips can lead to battery draining out, as we have stated in the point before. You need to give time to the alternator for recharging the battery.

Park in the Garage or Under a Shade: Parking the car in sun can evaporate the battery fluids quite quickly. You should park your car either inside the garage or under a shade strictly.

Observe warnings and Indications: Warnings and indications regarding battery condition must be observed. The battery warning light in the dashboard is the prime warning symbol you have. Inefficient functioning of accessories, car lights not functioning properly, etc. also indicate an unhealthy battery.

Maintaining the battery properly by pursuing the tips we discussed here will enhance battery life and offer you trouble-free performance.

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