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19 May, 2024

Tips to Maximize Your Car's Fuel Efficiency

Tips to Maximize Your Car's Fuel Efficiency

Obtaining maximum mileage is what everyone looks for. In fact, the skyrocketing fuel prices have forced people to look for a car with the best fuel efficiency. Besides trying all the techniques also people complain of mileage issues. Here we are looking into a few simple tips to maximize your car’s fuel efficiency.

Top Tips To Maximize Your Car's Fuel Efficiency and Money Saving.

1.  Engine Health Affects Fuel Efficiency Directly

Clogged filters, an unmaintained engine, and a lack of periodic servicing would impact the car’s engine performance. For example, a partially clogged air filter will obstruct the free flow of oxygen into the engine. As a result, the car engine would have to put more effort to generate power. Causing a significant reduction in mileage. Make sure the car system filters are clean and replace them in the prescribed periodicity. A healthy engine offers good fuel efficiency.

2.  Car Tyre Pressure is Important

Driving the car with a partially inflated tyre or tyres with pressure less than that suggested by the manufacturer is going to impact fuel efficiency. The engine has to produce more power to push the car and take it to the speed desired by the driver. This is mainly due to the increased friction caused by the low tyre pressure. The tyres would be touching completely on the road, creating unwanted friction. Car manufacturers determine the tyre pressure after detailed studies and analysis only.

3.  Use the Engine Oil With the Specification Stated by the Car Manufacturer

You may not realize that engine oil also has a role in a car’s fuel efficiency. It has a direct implication on the vehicle’s mileage. We suggest you to make sure replenishment of the prescribed engine oil without fail. You may check the car manual for further info regarding this aspect.

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4.  Practice the Healthy Driving Habits

Perhaps this is one of the most important tips to maximize your car's fuel efficiency. Be soft on the pedals. Accelerate and decelerate gently. Sudden acceleration, breaking, and harsh driving take a toll on the engine. The fuel burned during this process is more than what you think. Raise the speed only in ideal conditions when the road is clear. That too to the allowed speed limit only. Get habituated to this. You can save on fuel expenses phenomenally. It would improve the life of tyres as well.

5.  Overloading is Unhealthy

Overloading the car affects the mileage negatively. Try to reduce the luggage as much as possible, even if you are going for a long trip. Luggage management would help you in packing only the necessary items for the journey. Extra luggage is going to put more load on the engine and mileage reduces consequently.

6.  Gearshift at the Right Speed

Driving in the wrong gear puts a load on the engine. A lot of fuel is burnt consequently. The car manual will specify the speed limit for each gear. Practice maintaining the gear/speed ratio properly. It will help you save on fuel expenditure.

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7.  Can You Reduce the Usage of AC?

We put this point as a question. Because we understand how difficult it would be to drive the car during summer. In the tropical climatic condition of India. Still, it would be great if you can reduce the usage of air-conditioning as much as possible. Keep the windows open and let the atmospheric air circulate inside. It would help in reducing the temperature and you may not require ac many times.

8.  Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing

Undertake wheel alignment and wheel balancing in the schedule advised. Many think that wheel alignment and wheel balancing are just for enhancing the life of tyres. The fact they do not understand is that it can help in improving fuel economy also. It is estimated that wheel alignment boosts fuel efficiency by at least 10%.

The Tail End

Follow these tips to maximize your car's fuel efficiency. The money saved thus can be used for other important things. Moreover, you would be supporting the country’s economic growth indirectly. Since we spend a lot on importing fuel from abroad. Maybe a drop in an ocean, but by saving fuel we are becoming a part of nation-building.

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