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Admin | 02 Oct, 2022

List of Legal Car Modifications Rules in India

Modifications would give a distinctive appearance to the car. People opt for car modification to make their vehicles stand out in the crowd. With exclusive design and appearance alterations, your car would catch your attention instantly. Who wouldn’t like some attention, after all?

Did you know that unauthorized modifications might land you in trouble?

Altering your vehicle should be within the specifications promulgated by the road transport authority only. You may have to pay heavy penalties if the modifications made are beyond the stipulations.

Aesthetic augmentations, modifications to improve power, and design alterations have to be within the authorized limits. The Supreme Court verdict in this regard specifies car modifications that alter dimensional specs are illegal. The judgment by the division bench states that the original specifications by the manufacturer should not be altered.

Ambiguities exist regarding the authorized and unauthorized modifications/ alterations. Many deter from car modifications concerned about the legal issues. This article is intended to offer clarity regarding the legal car modification rules in India.


The Colour of the car can be changed without any much issue. You can choose any new color for your vehicle, except Army Green. Since army green is allotted only for military vehicles. You must obtain approval from the RTO for a change of color and the new color spec must be entered in the RC book.


Structural changes are not allowed as per legal car modification rules in India.RTO will ask you to revert the vehicle to the original structure if you undertake structural alterations. The authority can charge a heavy fine, cancellation of registration, cancellation of license of the owner, or any other such punishment if you continue with the structural change even after the reprimand. You can change the structure of the vehicle after getting approval from ARAI, by submitting the reasons why you want the change.  


You can replace a defective engine with a new/ used one of the same specifications. RTO approval must be obtained before undertaking the replacement. Note that, the engine capacity should not be higher than the existing one. Further, the new engine number must be entered in the RC book of the vehicle. During the rainy season, your car engine is more likely to be damaged.

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Air horns and pressure horns are prohibited in India. You can change the car horns. However, the sound should not be above 80 decibels. The limitation is introduced to reduce the noise pollution due to horns.


You must get clear approval from the RTO if you want to change the exhaust. Exhausts that cause sound pollution above 100 decibels are strictly prohibited. The exhausts you install should not disturb other motorists and pedestrians on road.  


A nominal change in the ground clearance may not be a problem. The change must be limited to a few millimetres up or down. There are no issues with replacing the defective suspension with a new one though. The authority may not approve a remarkable change in the ground clearance.

Tinted Windows

The Supreme Court verdict prohibits any type and form of tinted glass or sun film. The increasing crime rates inside closed cars led to this judgment from the court. You can use the tinted glass that meets the regulations promulgated by the Motor Vehicles act of 1988.


As per legal car modification rules in India, the number of seating cannot be altered in any case. However, suitable modifications may be done to improve the seating. Modifications to allow comfortable seating of physically disabled persons can be done after gaining approval from the RTO.

Number Plate

Fancy number plates are not permissible as per the existing motor vehicle regulations.

Headlight/ Tail Lamp

Changing the headlight or tail lamp from the existing one is not authorized. Additional lights in any form are not allowed as per the motor vehicles act. As those can become a cause of accidents.


Integrating sunroof, changing the roof design, etc are prohibited as per the extant regulations.

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 Crash Guard

Crash Guard modifications are prevented due to various reasons. Primarily, the crash guard alterations can become a reason for accidents and may lead to lethal results.

Tyre and Wheel

 Legal car modification rules in India demand modifications that can be done on tires and wheels if those meet the specifications laid down by the car manufacturer. Furthermore, installation of a body lift kit, changing the dimensional specifications, etc is strictly prohibited in India. A modified vehicle must undergo inspections by the authority for approval.

You must maintain your vehicle properly in addition to making sure you are following all rules. This could contribute to your vehicle having a longer lifespan.

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