Best Resale Value Cars in India

27 Feb, 2021

Best Resale Value Cars in India

Best Resale Value Cars in India

Buying a car comes with many different considerations, right from your requirements to your budget and the decision to buy a second hand car. While many buyers see a car as an investment to cherish and enjoy for years down the lane, there are many people that look for that ‘new’ feel in every car. They have this habit of changing cars every few months or when they encounter a recent model that catches their eyes. And, then there are some buyers that keep on changing cars after every few years.

Well, for the buyers that change their cars soon after the purchase, having a model with good resale value is a must. This not only saves them the trouble of incurring monetary losses, but they also can enjoy a good selling experience. Investing in car models with good resale value also means that the rate of depreciation is lower as compared to cars with low resale value.

Best Resale Value Cars in India

For all the readers and car buyers that are looking for good resale value cars, we are going to share the names of the cars with the best resale value in India. So, check all the names that you can trust while buying a high resale value car.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

An unparalleled leader of the hatchback segment, Maruti Swift is one of the most loved cars from this brand. It offers amazing features, stunning looks, and offers great ease of driving and handling. It comes with spacious cabins and fuel-efficient BS6 engine. It is a compact family car and with attractive features and the owners can easily resell it at more than 50 per cent of the initial cost even after using it for a couple of years.

Ex-showroom price: INR 5.19 lakh to INR 8.02 lakh

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

It is often touted as one of the most depreciation-resistant petrol cars in India and shows only 32% depreciation even after four years of usage. So, if you are a buyer that changes cars every year or every couple of months, you can recover around 86 % of the initial cost during resale. It is a compact sedan that is perfect for families with kids and elders as well. It comes with amazing cabin space and impressive features.

Ex-showroom price: INR 5.89 lakh to INR 8.80 lakh

Hyundai i20

Another commendable name in the list of the cars with the best resale value in India is the Hyundai i20. An amazing thing about this one is that it still retains its value even after the discontinuation of its production in 2014. The car shows around 45% depreciation after four years of ownership and comes with powerful yet fuel-efficient engines. It is a trouble-free car that is perfect for individual and family usage.

Ex-showroom price: INR 6.5 lakh to INR 8.3 lakh

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

The next name in the list is the lovely and capable Maruti Baleno, which is also one of the top-selling car models. It comes with impressive premium looks, spacious and comfortable cabin and offers an amazing ride. It offers a great ride quality and efficient BS6 engine. It is a compact car which is perfect for families with or without kids and elders. You can also use it individually without burning your pockets.

Ex-showroom price: INR 5.5 lakh to INR 8.9 lakh

Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta is an impressive SUV that offers impressive resale value and is highly popular in the segment. The designs, features and looks are stunning and the car enjoys a sterling reputation among the masses. It comes with a powerful engine, delightful interiors, smart accessories and the promise of a comfortable ride.

Ex-showroom price: INR 9.9 lakh to INR 17.20 lakh

Toyota Innova Crysta

The Toyota Innova Crysta is a reliable and outstanding vehicle that is also a strong competitor to Fortuner when it comes to looks and high resale value car. Further, it offers even better cost retention than Fortuner. It is a favourite among the people that have to travel a lot or commute daily.

Ex-showroom price: INR 15.66 lakh to INR 24.67 lakh

Maruti Alto

The next name is one of the most loved car models from Maruti. The second generation model is highly popular, in both the new and the used car markets. The car offers unbeatable ease of driving, is highly reliable, comes with low maintenance costs and is perfect for the economy driving experience.

Ex-showroom price: INR 2.94 lakh to INR 4.36 lakh

Honda City

It is a hit name in the mid-sized sedan segment and enjoys a tough competition from Maruti Ciaz. The car offers powerful performance and has a strong engine. It offers a good ride and an amazing driving experience, and it is perfect for families as well.

Ex-showroom price: INR 10.89 lakh to INR 14.64 lakh

Maruti Ertiga

This one is another one of those cars that offer good resale value. The car is one of the highly affordable ones in this segment and is big on comfort. It is a low maintenance model and can also be used for commercial purposes as well.

Ex-showroom price: INR 7.59 to INR 10.13 lakh

Toyota Fortuner

This is one beast of a performer that gives you a hefty pride while driving and an amazing resale value on being sold. It is a premium SUV and comes with a powerful engine. It has a spacious cabin space and offers stunning smart features. It retains 54 per cent of its initial value even after four years of purchase.

Ex-showroom price: INR 28.66 lakh to INR 36.88 lakh

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This completes our list of the best resale value cars in India. We hope all our readers find this list useful. If you are interested in owning any car from the above list for best deals or want to sell your car for the best price use our service.  

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