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Used Cars for Sale in Wayanad

Indus Used Cars platform brings you the largest choice for buying used cars in Wayanad. We have an irrefutable presence in almost all the major parts of South India and have established a name in the world of automobiles. 

Taking a new step in the direction of making car purchases better and suitable for people with all types of budget, we, at Indus Used Cars offer the most trustworthy, unique and impressive online showroom for used cars. This platform brings the sellers and buyers of pre-owned cars in Wayanad district in direct line of communication and helps them to steer clear of the middlemen profits and agent commissions.

Read more about the Indus Used Cars to find out how to make the most of our services.

Indus Used Cars: Get Certified Used Cars

Indus Used Cars has the largest collection of used cars in Wayanad that is also available online. Having Indus Used Cars as your agent, you, as a buyer, don’t have to worry about the theft cases, fraudulent sellers, unreasonable pricing or mountains of paperwork.

The sellers also don’t have to fret over finding the right buyer for selling their car. They also don’t have to share the money with any agent or middleman. The buyer and seller can talk face to face with all the formalities, financial procedures or aids and paperwork left to experts working at Indus Used Cars.

Wayanad is a popular tourist spot that is also gaining international recognition.  Since transportation around Wayanad is limited to roads, buying a second-hand car also helps you start working in the tourism industry, as many visitors might need a taxi for their travel in and around Wayanad.

We offer the largest and the most exclusive collection of second-hand cars in Wayanad, where almost all types of cars are available and the list keeps getting bigger with more and more people placing their trust in our services and credibility. 

Second Hand Car for Sale in Wayanad

We offer a highly organized and customer-oriented online platform that displays certified used cars for sale in Wayanad. 
To sell a used car you have to simply register the vehicle online and enter the following details:

  • Name 
  • Phone Number
  • Model
  • Variant
  • District
  • Kilometers have driven on the car
Other details you want to specify and the vehicle pictures can also be uploaded. Now, the buyers can simply browse through the list of used cars in Wayanad. We facilitate the buyers and sellers to contact each other in order to initiate the transaction.

At Indus Used Cars, we assure all our customers an unsurpassable customer experience and an unbeatable service portfolio. So, choose Indus Used Cars and find the best condition used cars for buying or the most suitable buyers for your used car!

Why Indus Used Cars?

Among the offline markets and online websites working in a similar domain, which makes us distinct and the most unique is:

  • Track record of happy customers over the decades
  • Unrelenting commitment for quality of service
  • The largest collection of used cars in Wayanad that are verified, bear a price tag finalized by the experts, come without the headache of daunting paperwork and come without the middleman profits.
Indus Used Cars, is a place where buyers and sellers come closer and enjoy a hassle-free and no-loss transaction they can trust without any doubt!
So, choose Indus Used Cars; Choose RIGHT at its EASE. 


What is the starting price of used cars in Wayanad?

Used cars in Wayanad are available from Rs. 50,000. The demand, manufacturing year, usage, condition, and performance of the car are the price-determining factors. Check out with the leading used car dealers in Wayanad to confirm the present price of different models.

The hatchback models including Maruti Wagon R, Maruti Sift, Hyundai i10, Hyundai i20, and Maruti Alto have been high in demand. These maintenance-friendly and fuel-efficient models are available at affordable prices from trusted used car dealerships.

The most popular used car brands in Wayanad are Maruti, Hyundai, Fiat, Toyota and Honda. Buying a second hand car from credible and committed multi-brand used car dealerships in Wayanad is preferable.

Make it a point to buy the used car from a trusted dealership in Wayanad. This would eliminate the requirement of a detailed inspection and exhaustive negotiations. Never buy a car without confirming the condition, documents, kilometres run and overall performance.

Leading used car dealers offer support for obtaining car loans from banks. Further, car finance options are also offered to customers for buying a second hand car without any hassles.

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