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Welcome to Indus Used Cars, Thrissur. We are proud to introduce you to our exclusively designed platform to buy used cars in Thrissur. Here you can buy and sell used cars at the right value. We have a wide collection of cars from every car manufacturer and models. Indus Used Cars has been serving the customers with honesty and dedication since long. It has made us the most trusted car dealer in South India.  
The dedicated used car division of Indus Used Cars is the apt suitable platform for selling and buying used cars in Thrissur. Our technical experts will assess the car and give you the right price based on the condition. The inspection will be based on the 376-point checklist uniquely formulated by us. Assured that the evaluation will be perfect and you will get more price for your car than anywhere else. Thus, making Indus Used Cars the preferred dealer for selling used cars of any brand or model.  
Our team of professionals will subsequently carry out the repair, maintenance and refurbishing of the vehicle and its components. It will be as good as a new one after the comprehensive technical analysis and corrective measures by our team. We do not make any stone unturned in the process of making the car technically impeccable. Therefore, our customers can buy a car from us without any apprehensions.  
Indus Used Cars has several branches in all the 14 districts in Kerala. Besides, we have a presence in many of the major cities across South India. This makes us one of the largest car dealerships in India. We endeavour to serve our customers with passion and devotion. Therefore, we have been seeing exponential growth in clientele each year.
You can buy used cars in Thrissur with us unconcerned. We have years of experience in dealing with vehicles. And we will be the best choice for selling your used car. Visit us once and comprehend the facilities offered. We guarantee that you will not think of any other car dealer. 

Indus Used Cars: Get Certified Second Hand Cars in Thrissur

In addition to offline sales at Indus Used Cars, Thrissur, we have a custom-designed online platform for buying used cars. The website has been developed after long deliberations and consultations to make it easy for clients to browse. You can browse through our online platform without any confusion or complexities. Our Thrissur district page displays a wide range of used cars in Thrissur to make a wise selection. 
You simply fill out the form regarding the vehicle details and submit it. Our representatives will contact you and take care of the rest. You can sit and relax at home unworried about the process. The experienced professionals of Indus Used Cars will work like well-oiled machinery to conclude the process. 
Professionals at Indus Used Cars, Thrissur is well versed with all the documentation and paperwork. As they understand all the formalities for change of ownership, address and other details regarding the vehicle, you do not have to be bothered about any of those things. They will complete the process in the shortest possible time. 
We will pay you for your car at the same instant without any delay. Indus Used Cars believes in transparent and reliable dealings. Hence, you will be briefed regarding every aspect related to buying and selling the car in advance. 
All of the above have been the reason for Indus Used Cars, Thrissur becoming the preferred choice for customers. We are thankful to our esteemed clients for having faith in us. Your confidence in us instills us with the energy to perform better. 

Used Cars at Best Price in Thrissur

It was your convenience we considered while designing and developing the online platform. You only need to enter your contact details and vehicle details and submit them. Our representative will contact you, brief you regarding everything and forward the process. When it comes to buying second-hand cars in Thrissur or any other district in Kerala, Indus Used Cars is the best choice as we offer a huge range of models to make your selection easy. 
If you are a buyer, you can simply select the brand you are looking for and continue. We have segregated vehicles according to brand, make and model. So that our customers can go to their choice without wandering around the website. 
Do you want to sell your car? Enter the following details and submit:
  • Name 
  • Contact Details
  • Model of the Vehicle
  • Variant
  • District
  • Kilometres the car drove
  • Photos of the Car (Better if you put some photos)
  • Additional Information, if any 
Indus Used Cars will act as an interface between the buyer and the seller. We will not charge any commission or brokerage for the same. There are neither any hidden charges nor additional fee. Every transaction undertaken will be transparent. 
Selling your old car through us is the safest option. You will have so many concerns whilst selling your car to an individual. Whether the buyer is genuine or not? What if the buyer uses the vehicle for illegal activities? What are the procedures for the transfer of ownership? You will have many more questions like this. Besides, you will have to complete all the official formalities by yourself, when selling the used car to an individual. 
The buyer may complain regarding the technical issues after a few days of usage. He/ she can blame you for deception. You may have to resolve the defects by yourself. We will shoulder all the responsibilities when you sell your car through Indus Used Cars. Similar is the case with online advertisements too. There is no one to support you during the sale deal. The lack of an expert team beside you will affect you adversely. 
We follow stringent measures to ensure that all the deals are transparent. There is no third party involved in sales. Thus eliminating the chances of fraud and additional commissions. A few of our unique features are as follows:
  • No unnecessary commissions/ fee/ brokerages
  • Nil worries of paperwork/ formalities
  • Hassle-free dealings
  • Transparency
We are thankful to you for considering us to buy used cars in Thrissur. Indus Used Cars believes that the right price for your car is your right. And follows the slogan “right price promise”. We assure you the quality of service, dedicated efforts and right value to your car. 
Contact us today. 


What is the starting price of a used car in Thrissur?

A used car in Thrissur can be bought at a price as low as 50,000 to 1 lakh. Second hand cars of all ranges are available in Thrissur. Car buyers can pick the most suitable used car in Thrissur at affordable rates from trusted sellers.

Models from Maruti, Hyundai and Honda have been the most demanded used cars in Thrissur. Indus Used Cars, the leading multi-brand used car dealer in Thrissur offers top-selling second hand car models from all the brands.

Definitely yes, one can buy a second hand car online in Thrissur. Browse the cars, pick the most suitable ones, and buy them without any hindrances. Hassle-free buying process offered by Indus Used Cars has been helping car buyers to choose and buy cars online.

It may not be possible to pick any specific body type and state that it is the most popular body type among second hand car buyers in Thrissur. Hatchback, Sedan, compact SUV, and  SUV are popular second hand body types.

Customers can contact Indus Used Cars and schedule a test drive of the used car chosen. Or else, he or she can visit the Indus Used Car dealership as convenient and check out the car. The trained executives at the used car dealership in Thrissur will assist in the inspection and test drive of the car. 

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