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Indus Used Cars is the best place for you to find multi-brand used cars in Wayanad. Yes, we offer second hand sedans, hatchbacks, MPVs, and SUVs from Tata, Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Mahindra, Renault, Datsun, Chevrolet and all the brands available in India. To check out the wide collection of pre-owned cars, reach out to our used car dealers in Wayanad.

Indus Used Cars, Wayanad became the top choice of customers through reliable and credible service and customer support. Arrive at Indus used car showroom in Wayanad today to book a second hand car from your favourite brand and model.

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Indus Used Cars Wayanad Showroom 

Synonymous for trust and commitment, we provide quality proven second hand cars to our esteemed clientele. The honest service is what made us the number one used car dealers in Kerala. Our executives are always ready to help you buy the car of your choice without any difficulties.

Indus follows a 376-point checklist, exclusively prepared by our expert technical team, to ascertain the condition of the vehicle and undertake the necessary corrections. Therefore, when you buy a car from our second hand car showroom in Wayanad, you are getting a completely refurbished and maintained vehicle.
Buying a second hand car in Wayanad from an individual seller may turn a headache for you. It will lead to unwanted negotiations, to reduce the inflated price quote by the seller, hefty commissions to the broker and other complications. You are avoiding all those issues when you buy from Indus used car dealers in Wayanad.

Each of the used cars at our used car showroom in Wayanad has been priced after a thorough analysis based on the manufacturing year, usage, internal condition and performance. Drop by Indus used car dealers, Wayanad and book a second hand car today.

To know more details about second hand cars available, contact our used car dealers in Wayanad.