Top 5 Used Hatchbacks To Buy in India

Admin | 27 Feb, 2021

Top 5 Used Hatchbacks To Buy in India

Top 5 Used Hatchbacks To Buy in India

Hatchbacks are one of the highly popular car segments in India and serves perfectly as a family car as well as a car for individual usage. Hatchback car models are perfect for the city dwellers as well. They don’t require too much parking space and are easy to manoeuvre on roads with high traffic. 

Hatchback cars come with decent cabin space and are more affordable than sedans, all the while offering more class and features as compared to the economy cars. They are also leading the charts in the used car segment and have a large audience as buyers.

In the following post, we are going to talk about the top five used hatchback cars to buy in India, and what makes them in our list of top five used hatchback cars in India. So, if you are also planning to buy used cars, we recommend to check out the following post and make an informed buying decision.

Top 5 Used Hatchback in India

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Offering a delightful mix of class, features and style, Maruti Swift is one of the most loved hatchback models in India. The car is perfect for families with and without elders/kids. The cabin space is fantastic and the new models come with many smart features. The car has a judicious boot space and the average is also good. 

The limited-edition model is loaded with many more awesome features, but it has been recently rolled-out and it is hard to come by on the list of best used hatchback cars in India. Maruti Suzuki Swift has been leading the charts of sales since its launch and continues to do so every year. Some other perks are turning radius, high ground clearance and amazing looks. 

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Hyundai i10

Often touted as the only capable competitor of Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i10 is also one of the highest selling hatchbacks of India. The car comes with stylish looks, a lovely hexagonal front grille and excellent headlights designed like hawk-eyes. The exterior is stunning and the car is tall, streamlined and designed for better utility. 

The interiors are laden with features and are stylish. The interior has a brownish theme and the car is spacious as well. Offering a decent boot space and short turning radius, the Hyundai i10 is efficient when it comes to the fuel consumption as well. This compact car is easy to drive and manoeuvre on the busy city lanes and roads as well.

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Maruti WagonR

Be it the simple and stylish old model, or the feature-rich new model, Maruti WagonR is a wonderful car with a decent fan following. Offering a stylish and compact exterior which is highly relevant for the bust cities, the car doesn’t fail to deliver when it comes to performance on the road as well. 

The model is famous for having a frugal engine which makes it a perfect choice for middle-class families and individual usage. Overall, the car offers a perfect and affordable mix of features, class and utility.

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Hyundai Eon

If you are a novice at driving and are looking to start with some used car, then Hyundai Eon emerges as an excellent option. It comes with a powerful utility-oriented feature set and offers impeccable ease of driving. 

You can easily manoeuvre it in extremely congested areas and the car is perfect for small families, individual usage and economy driving requirements. The car has a lovely exterior with a fluidic design that gives an illusion of the car being in motion at all times. The tail lamps are C-shaped and overall, the car is a nice buy.

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Maruti Suzuki Alto

The Maruti Suzuki Alto is another crowd favourite hatchback car in India that has subtly replaced the much beloved Maruti 800. The car has topped the sales chart for years now and still keeps on being a leader in the used car segment as well. 

It is famous for being the most affordable hatchback in India with simple looks, sturdy exterior and decent cabin space. One of the most impressive things about this car is that its demand has remained constant despite the launch of new vehicles in the economy car segment in India. The car is easy to maintain as well.

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This completes the list of the top 5 used hatchbacks to buy in India in the used car segment. Some other commendable models that you can consider are:

We hope all our readers find the list helpful in making the final choice and buy a car as an informed customer. 

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