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12 Apr, 2024

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Child Safety Seats

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Child Safety Seats

A child seat is compulsory in most countries if a baby is traveling onboard the car. Even though it is not mandatory in India, it is advisable to have a child seat if you have a toddler traveling in the vehicle. The kid will be secured to the seat. Thereby protecting him or her during an unfortunate incident.

At the same time, mistakes while using child safety seats will impact its efficacy. Installing the child seat, seating the child in the seat, etc. have to be done in the prescribed manner only. Studies indicate at least a significant percentage of parents make mistakes while using child safety seats. This article would give insight into some of the common mistakes to avoid when using child safety seats.

Things to Avoid When Using Child Safety Seats

  • Installing the Child Safety Seat

Let’s begin the topic with the installation of the child seat. Safety experts have been indicating the reality that many do not know how to install a child safety seat. Correctly routing the seatbelts, tethering the seat on its position correctly, properly fixing the anchors as well as the latch, and placing weight while installation of the seat is to be ensured. Missing out on any of these can result in improper placement of the seat.

  • Not Tightening the Harness to the Suggested Limits

Every child's safety seat is provided with a harness to secure the child to the seat. It would keep the child attached to the seat during collisions, heavy braking, and similar scenarios. The child seat harness should be tight to the level indicated. It should neither be loose nor overtight. The baby may fall or slip down during an accident if the harness is not holding him or her tight. On the other hand, an overtight harness can cause suffocation to the child.

  • Do Not Spend Too Much Money

Common mistakes to avoid when using child safety seats include spending more money on seats. Price should not be the sole consideration while picking a child safety seat. The seat must be chosen based on the child’s maturity level, height, and other physical conditions. A double confirmation needs to be done especially when you are purchasing the seat online. In case of purchase from a store, you can check out how feasible the child safety seat is, for your child, what the quality is, etc.  Further, you can also discuss with the sales people regarding the seat to understand it better.

  • Loose Child Safety Seat

The child safety seat should sit properly, without shaking or jerking. Shakes and jerks can be a big problem when the vehicle is stopped suddenly or met with an accident. Sudden jerks can damage the baby’s body and may even turn fatal, even if the accident is not that fatal. Putting enough weight on the seat while installing it, should prevent the possibility of shakes and jerks during traveling.

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How to Choose the Child Safety Seat?

Do not presume that all child seats are the same, only that brands change. Seats of different sizes are available. Hence, you must choose a child seat of the size that suits your kid. His or her age, height, and weight are the basic factors to consider.

The following points will help you in the selection of a child safety seat for your baby:

      • The child’s age is the element to be considered when you begin shopping for a child safety seat.
      • The child seat must be enough wide and tall to secure your baby comfortably. Therefore, besides considering the age, height, and weight specifications of the seat also to be checked.
      • Check what the manufacturer’s instruction says about the usage of the seat. If the manual states a specific age range or specifications regarding height and weight, the seat is not suitable for a child that is not within that spec.
      • The child safety seat need not be changed with the child’s age. The same seat can be used if the height specification is within what is suggested in the manual. Ideally, the child should fit within the shoulder height marked on the seat.
      • No need to spend exorbitantly considering costly seat is better than others. There are good quality child seats available at reasonable prices.
      • Be sure about the specs when you do a child safety seat online.  Confirm everything (from a shop if required) before proceeding with online purchases. Finalize the brand and the specifications regarding the seat before checking online. Thus you can avoid ordering the wrong seat.

      The Tail End

      We request you opt for a child seat if you have a baby traveling in the car. It is a vital thing considering the increasing accident rates in India. Kids can be saved during collisions, hard braking, or accidents when they are safely secured in a child seat. We hope this article will help you understand the Common mistakes to avoid when using child safety seats. 

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