How Used Cars Can Leverage COVID Situations

Admin | 19 Apr, 2021

How Used Cars Can Leverage COVID Situations

COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unforeseen circumstances around the world. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have ascertained social distancing as the most important measure for preventing the spread. As an effective method, people are advised to reduce the use of public transport.

Reaching office without using public conveyance facilities may be difficult for most of us around. Even though two-wheelers are available in most of the houses, it is not advisable for long-distance travel. Hiring a taxi or auto daily is also not affordable. Buying a used car could be the best option at this juncture. You can decide the brand and model and buy it without any delay. Let us see how used cars can leverage COVID situations.

Saving Money

You will have to spend a large chunk of your savings for buying a new car. The value of the new car will diminish within one year of use itself. The interest rates for buying a new car is also high compared to a used car. You can buy a used car to meet the present requirement. The money saved could be held as savings for future requirements. The used car dealers offer finance options too. Hence, you can avail it and buy a car that suits your budget.  

Being Safe

The possibility of community spread of the pandemic is still looming above our heads. Avoiding close interaction with the public is the most viable option to prevent the spread. Latest researches indicate that the disease can be asymptomatic too. Means, a person affected with COVID-19 will not show any external symptoms. At the same time, he/ she can spread the disease. Your private conveyance method can assure you that you are not in close vicinity of anyone affected with Coronavirus. This is more essential if you have adults above 60 years of age and children below 10 at home. You can observe adequate safety measures at your office. On the other hand, it may be difficult to maintain the same at a public space.

Affordable Cost

A used car could be bought according to your budget. It will not drain you out of money. Therefore, you can purchase a second-hand car without shelling out too much money. The cars nowadays are installed with quality components. Thus ensuring extended longevity. You do not have to worry about the performance of the car. Additionally, established sellers undertake adequate inspection, maintenance and repair before selling it to you.

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Finance Options

There are attractive finance options available. The interest rate for purchase of used cars is also on an all-time low. You can discuss your requirements and finalise the best option for you. The EMIs offered will not be exorbitant to affect your monthly budget. Along with convenience and safety, a used car will guarantee financial stability too. 

Wide Collection

You do not have to compromise regarding the choice of your car. Reputed used car dealers such as Indus Used Cars have a wide collection of cars available. You can select the car of your favourite brand and model. The refurbished and maintained cars will have an extended product warranty. That means the car will perform excellently. And in any unfortunate occurrence of a defect, the showroom will institute corrective maintenance. 

Hassle-Free Documentation

Earlier people used to be confused regarding the documentation part for buying and selling old cars. The established used car sellers, including Indus Used Cars, have experienced representatives for processing the paperwork. Both the buyer and seller do not have to worry regarding the documentation. This has been an added advantage for buying or selling used cars. The convenience offered by trusted sellers is attracting more customers.   

Instant Delivery

Quick delivery of the vehicle is essential. As the car has become a necessity, not a luxury. Waiting period for a new car will be more. However, you can buy a used car without any delay. The car will be delivered to the same instance on the conclusion of the agreement. As said in the preceding paragraphs, the paperwork also will not take too long. Since the representatives of the showroom have adequate experience in it. They will prepare all the documents, applications and certificates and complete the formalities in quick time. 

Getting a new car may not be financially feasible for most of us during this pandemic situation. Buying a used car not only helps you to get a good-condition car at an affordable price but also keeps you safe throughout your journey protecting yourself from the COVID spread in line with the WHO guidelines


Why Indus Used Cars for Used Cars?

Indus Used Cars offers both online and offline platforms for buying second hand cars in Kerala. You can sit at the convenience of your home and browse through the collection. Every car sold through Indus Used Cars used cars undergoes a 370-point checklist to ensure the technical quality, performance and longevity of components and accessories. 

We have a plethora of models available at our showrooms. You can opt for the best car of your choice without any dilemma or doubt. We guarantee the defect-free performance of the vehicle. Our online platform can also be used for selling your used car. You only have to enter the details and vehicle particulars and submit. Our representative will contact you regarding the sale and move the process forward. 

Indus Used Cars will act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. All our transactions and deals are transparent. Buying or selling of your car to an individual can turn problematic regarding the financial transaction and official formalities including the transfer of ownership. There are no unnecessary commissions or fees. You can rely on us to get the best value of your car without any delay. 

Indus Used Cars has a wide range of used cars showrooms in Kerala. You can contact unapprehensive, wherever you are located. We have some special offers to help our customers to stay safe from the pandemic. Avoid public transport and contact Indus Used Cars used cars now to buy the used cars during this Covid situation to make your journey safe and trouble-free. 

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