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12 Apr, 2024

How to Prepare Your Car Before a Road Trip?

How to Prepare Your Car Before a Road Trip?

Every road trip brings a lot of moments to cherish. The journey would remain etched in your memory and would create nostalgia every time you think of it. At the same time, it can become a painful experience if the car breaks down on the way or met with any other technical issues. You should prepare your car before a road trip, to prevent this or at least reduce such a possibility. We are sharing with you a few car tips that you must undertake before setting out on a trip. Check out how to prepare your car before a road trip.

1.  Battery Condition

A dead battery can be troublesome, especially when you are going on a long trip. Imagine being stuck in a deserted place, without any possibility of help nearby. It would be a worrying thing to go in search of a battery charging center, leaving your family near the vehicle. The situation might worsen if you are in an underdeveloped area. Check the battery condition, including electrolyte levels, while you are planning for a road trip.

2. Engine Oil

Engine oil protects the engine bearings from overheating and ensures its smooth functioning, reducing wear and tear. The engine oil used should be of the specification stated by the car manufacturer. Further, check the condition of the oil. It should be enough viscous to provide sufficient lubrication. Replenish engine oil if it is below the quantity indicated.

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3. Level and Condition of System Fluids

Top up all the system fluids. Check their condition to see if the fluid level is correct. Engine coolant, steering system fluid, brake system fluid, and radiator coolant are essential for the trouble-free functioning of the systems. We suggest you get the car inspected at a trusted service center for confirming the condition and quality of all the system fluids.

4. Air Filter Replacement

Air filters are normally replaced in the prescribed periodicity. A dusty and dirty environment can lead to the air filter becoming dirty quickly. A choked engine air filter will impact the fuel economy. You might feel the brunt of fuel price when going on a long trip with an air filter in such a condition. Get the engine air filter and other air filters checked and ask the car mechanic to replace them if necessary. One thing you must make sure of is that you should land your car at a reliable car service center only. As you cannot physically examine each component to confirm whether it has been repaired/replaced or not.

5. Brake System Inspection

While thinking about how to prepare your car before a road trip, don't forget to inspect your car's brake system. The brake system is of an emergency nature. A defect in the subject system can lead to fatal consequences. Brake system inspection and maintenance are of paramount importance before you go on a road trip. Do not procrastinate on the brake system servicing or presume that it would be in good condition. Brake system inspection and maintenance is an unavoidable thing if you are planning a road trip.

6. Condition of Tyres

Tyre pressure must be in the range stated by the car manufacturer. The preferred tire pressure is determined after a systematic analysis by car designers. Never overcharge or undercharge the tires. Both can be problematic. Charging the tires to the right pressure range is essential for ensuring safety, as well as, mileage. Similarly, replace worn-out tires. Treads ensure grip on the road and prevent the car from skidding.

7. Keep the Spare Tyre Also Charged

This is a thing that most car owners forget. Having a fully charged spare tire is crucial when you are going on a long journey. You never know when you will need to replace the car tire. Therefore, check the condition and air pressure in the spare tire as well. So that you can return any tire that goes defective during the journey.

8. Keep the Documents Ready

RT authorities or police may check the car documents at any time. Check the validity of PUC and car insurance. Renew them if required. Why invite unwanted fines during a joyful trip? Documents like car insurance can be stored in DigiLocker as well. Hence, you may not have to take hard copies of those. At the same time, do not miss out on taking the original of your license along.

9. Clean Your Car Internally and Externally

You must clean your car both externally and internally. Normally people avoid cleaning the interior of the car, maybe due to lack of time. Take the car to a service center, if you do not have a vacuum cleaner to clean the interior, and get the vehicle cleaned thoroughly. Avoid taking a dirty car for a road trip.

These are the tips we have, regarding the preparation of your car before the road trip. Do you have anything to add? Share your opinions about how to prepare your car before a road trip.

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