Best High Mileage Used Cars in India (2022 Updated)

Admin | 18 Jun, 2024

Best Used Car Models with High Mileage in India (2022 Updated)

Best Used Car Models with High Mileage in India (2022 Updated)

Mileage or fuel efficiency is the foremost thing a customer looks out, for before buying a used car. In turn, fuel-efficient cars in India have observed high customer turnout in the used car market. Indus, being the top multi-brand second hand car dealership in Kerala, has been monitoring the sales margin to ascertain customer perceptions and to list out mileage used car models in India.

The number of clients opting for pre-owned cars has increased enormously since the previous decade. A variety of reasons has caused this change. Some of them are:

The arrival of reliable used car dealers like Indus, who deliver quality proven mileage used car models in India at the best price. With this, the customers don’t have to run around searching for their favourite model.  All the models are available in a single place. Build quality of cars has gone up optimally, enhancing the service life. Therefore, the clients can drive a second-hand car comfortably for their entire lifetime.

The resale value of the second-hand car has been another reason that promoted the sales. The seller will not lose much money even if one resells the second-hand car he or she bought. The fuel-efficient cars in India have a high resale market.

Top Used Cars with High Mileage in India 

We have evaluated and listed the top used fuel-efficient cars in India. The cars are observed to have a constant performance throughout. The fuel-efficient cars in India have a firm presence in the used car market.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Maruti Baleno had taken the automobile sector by storm on its launch. The premium hatchback has a dream sales run to date. It is one of the most stylish hatchbacks available in India. Sold through the premium sales segment Maruti Nexa, Baleno is one of the most fuel-efficient used cars in India. One can simply opt for this if searching for mileage used car models.  The model offers a max mileage of around 24 kmpl.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

Renowned as India’s most loved family car, Maruti Wagon R has an irrefutable presence in the second hand market as well. One of the most mileage used cars in India, Wagon R offers a mileage of around 22 kmpl. Besides being one of the fuel-efficient cars in India, it has good resale value and maintenance-friendly features.

Check out the best used Wagon R in Kerala.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 has a prominent presence among the used cars in India. The model has been ensuring tough competition for all the hatchbacks available in the country. Used Hyundai i10 will be the right choice for those looking for mileage used cars in India. The fuel-efficient hatchback from Hyundai delivers a mileage of around 19 kmpl on the highways. However, it may be much less during a city drive.

Get details about the used Hyundai I10 in Kerala.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Are you searching for a used sedan in India that has exceptional fuel efficiency? You must check out Maruti Suzuki Ciaz then. This feature-rich car from India’s top car brand has been winning hearts in the used car market also. Ciaz is one of the most fuel-efficient sedan models in India. Further, the intelligently done pricing makes sure that it will not be a costly affair to own a second hand Maruti Ciaz. The car offers a mileage of above 25 kmpl at standard test conditions. Test drive a used Ciaz today to feel the power and test the performance.

Hyundai Aura

The sedan with futuristic design aspects, Hyundai Aura offers great mileage too. Delivering a mileage of around 25 kmpl, Aura could be a choice for those sedan lovers looking to buy a used car. It undoubtedly has a place among the fuel-efficient cars in India. The 1.2-litre diesel engine generates a power of 74 bhp and a max torque of 190 Nm.   Hence, it will also satiate the driving thrill of driving aficionados. The car definitely has a place among the mileage used cars in India.

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