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12 Apr, 2024

What is the Best Age for a Used Car?

What is the Best Age for a Used Car?

The used car market has undergone a detailed transformation over the past few years. Many factors, including the biggest pandemic human race witnessed in the past few years, have led to this phenomenon. What’s the best age for a used car, is one of the most common questions buyers ask. To put it bluntly, you cannot state a generic answer to this question.

How to Find the Best Age for a Used Car?

There are no specific yardsticks with respect to the age of the used car. As we have said above, an age up to 05 years is ideal. It would be better if you can confirm the reason for the sale. People may think of selling a less-used car due to accidents or repeated defects. Buying from a trusted used car dealer is the suggested way to prevent buying the wrong car.


Buying a second-hand car that is up to five years of age might be preferable. Nonetheless, it also depends on the car’s condition, how it was being maintained, history of accidents, kilometers driven, etc.  With all the servicing procedures pursued properly. An old car, which has been in use for more than ten years, may have repeated defects. Requiring you to land the car at the workshop more often.

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Go for a pre-owned car of 1-3 years of age if your budget permits. Highly demanded models will cost high, irrespective of their usage and age. At the same time, we suggest you get the car inspected by a trustworthy automobile technician thoroughly before you agree to the purchase. We have been following a well-formulated 376-point checklist for inspection of all the used cars. The cars sold through Indus Used Cars are hence quality-proven and defect-free.


Not to miss the vehicle scrap policy, which will be implemented in 2024. With the subject policy in force, the maximum permissible age for a vehicle would be 20 years. Hence, buying a 15+ years old used car may not be right, unless it is offered at an exceptional discount.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car of the Best Age

Many are apprehensive about buying a second-hand car. The probability of defects, maintenance needs, expenses for spare replacements, unexpected breakdowns, and similar issues create confusion. Most of the issues can be precluded by sticking to buying a used car of the right age. The benefits of buying a used car of the best age are:

    Cost-effective Choice: The car’s value starts depreciating the moment you buy it. It is considered second-hand only, even if you sell it the next day. Buying a used car is a cost-effective choice. You do not have to shell out a big amount for buying any model. Buy the car from a trusted seller and will perform as if a new one without any defects or functionality issues. Buying the car of the right age is crucial in this regard.

      Warranty Period: Most car manufacturers offer a guarantee or warranty for a period of five years from the date of purchase. Buying a car within this age range will aid you in exploring warranty options. Hence, you need not pay for defects occurring during the period.

        Maintenance Expenses: Maintenance of a heavily used car would be high. It can empty your pocket and impact monthly budgets. The money you saved by avoiding a new car might have to be used for maintaining an old used car. Choosing a pre-owned car of the right age is vital for keeping the maintenance expenses under check.

          Fuel Economy: The latest models of cars are coming with advanced engines that have enhanced fuel economy. You can save on fuel expenses when you buy the latest cars. Further, mileage might go down due to usage over a period, due to various factors. You can avoid such issues and get the best fuel efficiency when the car is relatively new.

            Resale Value: You may want to sell the used car you bought. The price of the car depends mainly on its age and usage. Going for a 5+ years old car will not be suggestive of viewing this factor. The resale value will go down to an unjustifiable amount if the car is older than preferred by buyers. 

            Things to Consider While Buying a Used Car

            Here are the points to keep in mind when you are planning for a used car:

            • Buy the pre-owned car from a trustworthy used car seller only.

            • Compare prices, with respect to the car’s age, demand, and model, before buying.

            • It would be best to buy a used car of the right age. 0-5 years can be considered the ideal age for a used car.

            • Confirm the maintenance expenses expected.

            • Ascertain the features available and whether all the features you need are there or not.

            • Discuss the warranty and after-sales support offered by the seller.

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