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Buy Used Cars In  Pathanamthitta

Indus used cars in Pathanamthitta will be the ideal solution for those who want to buy second-hand cars in the district. You can witness a wide variety of cars from different brands at our showroom. Besides visiting us physically, you can opt for Indus online platform too. We have a uniquely designed website for sale and purchase of used cars. 
We evaluate your car perfectly and pay you the right price for it. It is exactly in line with our slogan, “right price promise”. The price we offer for your old car will be better than anywhere else will. Our passionate professionals are dedicated to serving you in every possible manner.
Our transparent transactions have won us laurels from the clients. We endeavour to provide you with every detail regarding the dealings. A 376-point checklist is instituted on receiving a used car. The technical and physical condition of the vehicle will be inspected thoroughly on receipt of the vehicle. Our technical team will formulate repair, maintenance and refurbishment process subsequently. This alleviates any chances of defects, technical troubles or malfunctions.   
Therefore, you can buy a used car from us without any apprehensions. We are true to our words in every aspect. We extend our after-sales service for a longer period than most of the other used car dealers. Credible and reliable performance has been the reasons for our continuous growth.  
You can visit Indus used cars, Pathanamthitta to discuss the deals and the advantages of buying a used car from us. Our experienced professionals will brief you in detail regarding the process of sales and the benefits you garner through it. We follow a simple process to help you buy used cars in Pathanamthitta. Hence, you can relax while our team concludes the deal.  

Indus is one of the largest vehicle dealers in South India. We have around 100 branches in all the 14 districts of Kerala. It means that you will find an Indus showroom close to your home. Thus making it convenient for you to avail our service.   

Indus: Get Certified Second hand Cars In Pathanamthitta

Indus online platform has unique features for aiding your browsing. It has customer-friendly features so that you can glide through the sections. The website is organised in such a way that the buyer can meet their needs without wasting time.   
Buy your favourite model from us. You can simply go to the section with details and photos of different brands and pick the desired used cars in Pathanamthitta. Select your brand/ model to check the details of the cars available at Indus. Contact us to know about further details about the car and forward the purchase. 
Selling your used car using our platform is also simple and convenient. Fill in your details and vehicle particulars in the particular section and submit. That’s it. Our representative will contact you and progress the sale. Everything will be completed without any delays. Faster than you expect it to be. The transaction will be so prompt and perfect, which may not be the case while selling your used car to an individual.  

Used Cars at Best Price in Pathanamthitta

We will act as the mediator for your dealer. Indus will connect the buyer and seller. However, we will not charge any unnecessary commissions, additional fee or brokerages for the sale. You can rely on us regarding the transparency of the deal.
You will have to rethink before selling your car to an individual buyer. The buyer may not be genuine at times. There is no methodology to find his or her details. You will have to ensure that all the documentation has been completed before handing over the vehicle. On the other hand, you may not find any help from the buyer on this. 
The seller/ vehicle owner is held responsible if the car is used for any illegal activity. Therefore, you will have to face legal complications after any such unfortunate event. You can entirely avoid such a possibility when selling your car to us. 
At the same time, similar issues can occur when you buy a used car from an individual. There are documents to prove the genuineness of the vehicle. You are in a trap if the car is a stolen one or if it has some other issues.  
The best way to avoid the previously mentioned issues is to buy and sell a car from Indus used cars, Pathanamthitta. Please fill the below form and submit it to us if you want to sell your car. Our representative will contact you and progress the sale. 
  • Name 
  • Mobile Number
  • Model of the Vehicle
  • Variant
  • District
  • Kilometres the car drove
  • Photos of the Car (Optional)
  • Additional Information, if any 
We are the leading car dealers in South India since long. The fervour and devotion, with which our teams perform, have been the reason for our success. We consider the ever-growing clientele as proof for our performance. Our unique features include:
  • No unnecessary commissions
  • No worries of documentation
  • Hassle-free deal
  • Transparency in transactions
Contact Indus used cars, to discuss the purchase of used cars in Pathanamthitta. We have a large collection of used cars to select in Pathanamthitta. Let your choice be any brand or model, we have it in our showroom. You may also go through our website to check for the available models. Or just click on the contact button.
Our representatives are awaiting your call. They will guide you regarding every aspect of buying used cars. Contact us now.  


Is it good to buy a used car?

Buying a used car is a good option. Reach out to reliable used car dealerships to buy a tested and proven used car at competitive prices.

The price of the used car would depend on the model, kilometres run, year of manufacture and condition. Second-hand cars at prices as low as Rs 50,000 are available in Pathanamthitta.

The most popular and top-selling used car models in Pathanamthitta are Maruti Alto, Maruti Swift, Hyundai Santro, Hyundai i10, Hyundai Creta, Maruti Vitara Brezza and Toyota Innova. Better to check out the collection of second hand cars before deciding upon the car to buy.

Buying a second hand CNG car is a good option. The condition and performance of the pre-owned CNG car must be confirmed before picking one. Better to approach a reliable used car dealership in Pathanamthitta to get a technically healthy and proven car at the best price.

Buying a second hand SUV in Pathanamthitta is an advisable option. Nonetheless, choose the used car dealership wisely, for getting the car at the right price and ensuring after-sales support.

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