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Find the rightmost buyers and the rightmost sellers on the largest online platform for used cars in Palakkad!
Indus Used Car is a name that needs no introduction and has been a reputed service provider of the automobile industry for decades now.

Having earned an unparalleled reputation in the field of automobiles, we are now catering to the sector of buying and selling used cars in Palakkad. Bringing the sellers and buyers face to face with each other, we have created the most unique used car dealer space in Palakkad and have a similar presence all over South India.
Using Indus Used Cars empowers the sellers of used cars to find the rightmost buyers for their cars and to avoid losses towards the payment of agent and middlemen commissions. Similarly, we at Indus Used Cars have simplified the entire process of buying second-hand cars in Palakkad by offering an online portal where all the cars that are up for sale are available at ONE place. The buyers can choose from a large collection that is free of theft cases, overpriced vehicles and damaged goods.
Adding a layer of security to the entire process of buying and selling used cars in Palakkad district, we, at Indus Used Cars, have made it easier, better and more suitable to people located anywhere and people with all kinds of budget.

Buy and Sell Used Cars in Palakkad

With the robust and reliable online portal of Indus Used Cars as your partner, you, as a seller or buyer, can rest assured of staying away from all the issues related to sale and purchase of used cars. The sellers can log on to the official website and register their vehicles in an easy two-step process by entering the following:
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Model
  • Variant
  • Kilometers Driven
  • Other Details and Photos
Once the registration is done, their vehicle will be listed as a used car for sale in Palakkad with reasonable pricing suggested from us. The price will be free of all kinds of middlemen’s profits.

When it comes to buying a second-hand car at Indus Used Cars, the buyers can simply browse through a large collection of all the second-hand cars that are up for sale at just ONE place. Once they have finalized a few models, they can also visit the Indus Used Cars showroom to check them in person and finalize the deal. The buyers can thus avoid the fraudulent deals, agent commissions, overpriced buys and the trouble of verification of the vehicle.

Let us find out more perks for choosing Indus Used Cars!

Second-Hand Cars in Palakkad

All the second-hand cars listed with us are 100% verified and free from legal issues. Accidental cases, theft cases, fraudulent cases, and all the other issues can be steered easily when you shop with us!

So, say goodbyes to long search and negotiation process that might sometimes land you with a not-so-good vehicle to use; and join hands with Indus Used Cars to find the right car at the right price and right buyer with right price in just a few clicks!

Used car dealers in Palakkad

What makes us the best and the most reliable of all the used car dealers and all our competitors is the fact that we don’t sell any stolen vehicle and we are selling only vehicles without any legal dues. So, the buyers and sellers can be free of thoughts about scams and fraudulent deals. 
Further, we also offer financial assistance to minimize your efforts to avail finances for the purchase.

Offering all the services, products and support under ONE roof makes us the best showroom for used cars in Palakkad. 
So, stop waiting and start browsing Indus Used Cars. Your right buyer and the right vehicle is just a few clicks away!