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Buy Used Cars In Kottayam

Indus Used Cars offers you the best deal in buying used cars in Kottayam. We have both online and offline platforms for your convenience. You can use our browser-friendly website for viewing and buying second-hand cars of your choice. The plethora of options available at our showroom will provide you with several options to choose from. 

 The process of buying a used car from us is smooth and quick. Indus Used Cars does not charge any unnecessary commission or fee for the deals. All our transactions and processes are transparent and reliable. We will process all the paperwork including the transfer of ownership. 

Indus Used Cars Kottayam division has a wide collection of vehicles from all the brands and models. You can browse through the segments to find the car of your choice. We undertake 370-point checklist on every vehicle sold to us. Subsequently, our technical team carries out the requisite repairs and refurbishment to the stipulated quality standard. 

We give the right value to the used cars sold to us. The price estimate is so favourable to the customers that you will not get this price to your car anywhere else. The number of customers buying used cars from us has been increasing at a rapid rate. 

Indus Used Cars has multiple branches in all the districts of Kerala. The faith entrusted on us by the customers has helped us win many awards frequently. This has made us the leading car dealers in South India. 

You can contact us for buying technically proven second-hand cars in Kottayam. Our experienced representatives will progress the deal. Thus, you do not have to be concerned about anything including official formalities and paperwork. 

Indus Used Cars: Get Certified Second hand Cars In Kottayam

Indus Used Cars website has an earmarked section for buying used cars. There are earmarked sections for each variety/ brand of vehicles. You can simply browse to the section of your choice and select your dream vehicle. Hence, buying used car in  Kottayam won’t be troublesome for you. 

We do not limit our collection of cars to any particular brand or model. You will find cars from every brand available to us. It will make your selection easy. And you can opt for the car of your choice.

Those who are thinking of buying a second-hand car in Kottayam can simply browse through the section. The brands and models are arranged methodically. Enabling the customer to go to the section of their interest. We assure you the best car at the right price. With a warranty from our side, you do not have to worry about after-sales service. 

Our professional team is experienced in official documentation regarding the sale of used cars. They will conclude the formalities meticulously without causing any difficulty to you. Hence, buying second-hand cars in Kottayam with Indus Used Cars is easier than ever before. You may visit Indus Used Cars, Kottayam to have a look at the wide variety of used cars with us.

Used Cars at Best Price

You may be concerned about the internal condition of major components and accessories while buying a used car from an individual. There is no room for confusion or worry when you buy a used car from Indus Used Cars. So no second thought about buying used cars in Kottayam; Indus Used Cars is the ultimate solution. 

Select the car of your choice, to know more about the vehicle and buy it. Our professionals will be happy to clarify all your doubts regarding the vehicle and move forward with the process. The uniquely developed website also will help you buy a car easily. Indus Used Cars used cars have a widespread presence in the state. Hence, there are no issues regarding reaching you and helping you with the deal. 

It is advisable to be extra cautious if you think of buying used cars from an individual. You must undertake a background check of the individual to confirm his/ her authenticity. Any illegal acts using your vehicle, before the ownership transferred, can land you in trouble. Wit Indus Used Cars, you don’t have to worry about the paperwork or complications as our dealing are very much transparent. 

Indus Used Cars does not believe in unjustified and inflated pricing. We sell cars at a reasonable price, which will be better than any other used car dealers in Kerala

Why go for all those troubles, when you can buy used cars comfortably at the right price? 

Our credibility and reliability need no emphasis. We are strict regarding maintaining the faith entrusted on us by our esteemed customers. The professional team at Indus Used Cars has been trained to deliver the best service to our clients. Hence, you will not face any kind of issues during buying second-hand cars from Indus Used Cars. Our features include the following:


  • Nil unnecessary commissions, fee or brokerages
  • No tension regarding official formalities including the transfer of ownership
  • Transparent dealings


Indus Used Cars is proud to be of your service always. The management and technical team at Indus Used Cars work together to give you the best experience. We have been growing with the word of mouth publicity from our satisfied customers. Contact us to know more. 

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How to identify the most suitable used car to buy?

The suitable model would depend on the person’s requirements, budget, perception etc. It is advisable to discuss with a trusted car dealer to identify a suitable car model.

Three factors are to be examined primarily while buying a used car in Kottayam. The condition of the vehicle, pricing and documents are to be checked thoroughly before selecting the car.

With many used car dealerships around, customers get confused about the dealer to choose. Check out the collection of cars, reliability of the dealership, credibility, pricing, and after-sales support prior to deciding the dealer.

The trusted used car dealerships would help in obtaining car loans from leading banks. Although the age of the car and the customer’s credit score may matter, the support from the dealer would be pivotal in getting the car loan approved.

Used car price would basically depend on the model, usage and condition of the vehicle. Second hand cars priced as low as 50,000 are available in Kottayam.

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