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Toyota cars possess unparalleled trust, which they have acquired over the period of existence.  The strong and technically superior Toyota cars have been outperforming their competitors with advanced technical features. Toyota Innova has always been people’s choice when it comes to MPVs. The car has many takers in the used car market also. Used Innova car sales in Kerala have grown manifold in the past decade. Indus Used Cars is one of the best dealers when it comes to buying used Innova in Kerala. 

Indus Used Cars has been selling checked and proven second hand cars in Kerala. We became the leading multi-brand used car dealers within a short time of establishment. The unwavering dedication and commitment towards customers have been the identity of Indus Used Cars always.
We have a 376-point checklist to confirm the quality of every vehicle we sell. Therefore, the second hand Innova you buy from Indus Used Cars in Kerala will be outstanding in its performance and technical quality. The components, accessories, and parts are inspected in detail and refurbished/ replaced before placing the vehicle for sale.

You will find the best price for the used Innova in Kerala at Indus Used Cars. We neither charge unnecessary commission nor inflate the price. Making us the perfect choice for buying an Innova used car in Kerala.

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Why Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova is known to be the best vehicle for carrying a big family. The 8-seater car can carry up to 10 people comfortably, in case needed.  You can buy a used Innova in Kerala for personal use or as a taxi also. The exclusivities of Innova are elaborated in the subsequent paragraphs.

Reliable Engine – The 2.0-liter engine has unparalleled supremacy over its counterparts. The unadulterated power and torque it offers make Toyota Innova the prime choice. Besides, the reliability of the Innova engine has been proven beyond doubt. The versatile engine can climb mountains effortlessly and give you a perfect company during off-road drives.

Comfort – MPVs are notorious for body roll. However, Toyota has carefully designed the vehicle to keep body roll at a minimum level. Thus, giving adequate comfort to the family during long-distance travel. The 193 mm ground clearance and effective suspension are also equally commendable. Therefore, buying a used Innova in Kerala will be useful in many ways.

Cost-Effective – Innova cars can be useful in many ways than one. This makes the vehicle cost-effective and customer-friendly. Even though it doesn’t offer great mileage, the usage of cars as a taxi, for the transportation of a big family for a long distance, and the comfort level make the vehicle stand apart.

All the variants of Innova, including 2.4 VX MT 7STR,  2.4 ZX MT 7STR, 2.4 GX MT 7STR, and 2.4 ZX MT 7ATR are available at Indus Used Cars used car dealership. You can buy the used Innova of your choice from Indus Used Cars multi-brand used cars in Kerala. Reach out to our showroom anywhere in Kerala to check out the latest collection of second hand Innova available and book one.

Great Deals on Innova Cars for Sale

Buy second hand Innova in Kerala from Indus Used Cars used cars at great deals and price discounts. Talk to our representative to know more about the pre-owned Innova cars available and the latest offers on the same.

We have more than three decades of experience in the field of a car dealership. The expertise we gained over the years makes us the most prominent car dealer in Kerala. In addition to incredible offers and an unmatched pricing system, the extensive after-sales support is what makes us the best used car sellers in Kerala.

Indus Used Cars has a presence across all the fourteen districts of Kerala. Hence, you will find an Indus Used Cars used car showroom near to your location. It is easy and convenient to deal with us. Our trained executives will make the deal comfortable for you.

Indus Used Cars - Best Place To find Second hand Innova in Kerala

You may search online for long hours and may contact agents for buying a used Innova car in Kerala. However, the individual seller may quote an unjustified price for the vehicle. You will have to get down to long negotiations to buy the second hand Innova you have chosen. Moreover, the broker will ask for a heavy commission for the deal. Thus, you may have to shell out an exorbitant amount to buy the car.  

Above all, you cannot ensure the used car you buy is a genuine one. Although you may check the documents, you may not be sure whether the vehicle documents and certificates are authentic or not.  
Avoid all these problems, drop by Indus Used Cars used cars and select the brand and model you love. Buy it without any complications and confusion and at the right price.

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