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Renault Duster became an instant bestseller in the Indian car market. The robust vehicle with excellent features and outstanding design elegance won Indian car enthusiasts’ hearts easily. Don’t worry if you lack funds to buy a brand new Duster. Buy a used Duster in Kerala from the most reliable multi-brand second hand car dealer in Kerala.

Do you want to get a used Renault Duster in Kerala in an outstanding deal?

Drop by Indus Used Cars near your location and check out the collection of used Duster in Kerala. Our executives will help you choose the model of your choice and complete all the official formalities quickly to hand over the vehicle at the earliest.

Buying a second hand Duster in Kerala from an individual seller will turn a tedious task for you. You may have to enter into long negotiations with him or her to reduce the inflated price quoted. Even then, it is not sure that you will get the model you were searching for used Duster in Kerala.  

Contact Indus Used Cars in Kerala now and book a Renault Duster second hand car.  

Why Renault Duster?    

Renault Duster, one of the top models from the French brand had created a storm in the Indian car market. Let’s see the most favourable factors that make the second hand Renault Duster one of the favourites in Kerala.

  • Reliability – One of the most reliable models available in the Indian roads is Duster. It will not fail you even at the toughest terrains. Therefore, plan a trip, get ready and press the accelerator down. The car will make your trip a magical experience through a comfortable and pleasant drive.
  • Engine – It has been installed with a powerful engine that will vroom through the highways effortlessly. The BS-VI compliant petrol engine offers great speed in quick time. The 1.3-litre petrol engine in the Duster generates 154 bhp power and a max torque of 250 Nm. Buying a Duster used car in Kerala will be the right decision if you love power.
  • Comfortable – Renault Duster excels in the field of comfort. You can travel through even the roughest terrain without feeling the jerks or discomforts. The shock absorbs and overall design feature absorbs the shocks without passing it to the passengers. Along with an enviable ground clearance of 250 mm. Not only that, the car will not be “heavy” to handle in city traffic as well.
  • Build-Quality – This point doesn’t require an emphasis at all. The French car brand is renowned for the longevity of components and durability of the overall structure. Designing and manufacturing each car meets all the safety criteria and quality standards. 

Do you want to know details about the used Duster in Kerala? Call us now.  

Great Deals on Renault Duster in Kerala

Are you thinking about the best deal on a Duster used car in Kerala?

Indus Used Cars offers unparalleled deals and discounts on multi-brand used cars with us. Our team evaluates every used car before finalizing the price. Thereby, preventing any over-pricing issues. We assure you that you will be paying the right price for the used Duster in Kerala you buy from Indus.

We don’t charge any unnecessary commission for the second hand cars. Indus will act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller ensuring a seamless deal. Once you choose the car you want to buy and book it, our executives will complete all the documentation including vehicle transfer formalities and hand over the car to you.

Getting finance is also easy when you buy a Duster used car from Indus. We will aid you to get the funds through a simple and hassle-free process. Thus making the purchase convenient for you.

Trust us to give you the best deal on Duster used cars in Kerala. To know more about buying a second hand car, contact us now.

Indus Used Cars - Best Place to Find Second Hand Duster in Kerala  

Indus Used Cars have multiple showrooms in each of the districts in Kerala, making it into around one hundred showrooms around the state. We are the number one multi-brand used car dealers in Kerala. Indus promises trustworthy and dependable services that make us the most preferable used car dealership in the state.

We are here to make the second hand car buying experience comfortable for our customers. Therefore, we have formulated an easy process to complete all the formalities. Our trained executives know the complete formalities concerning the vehicle ownership and insurance transfer processes. You will not be bothered for anything at all.

To buy a quality-checked, excellent condition, used Renault Duster in Kerala, call us now.

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