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12 Apr, 2024

Importance of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car

Earlier second-hand car buyers had to depend on individual sellers. Time has changed. Nowadays, one can own quality-proven vehicles from trustworthy car dealers. That too without paying an unnecessary commission (it is a fact that there are many sellers who still charge hefty brokerage).

We suggest you go only for a certified pre-owned car. People start misconstruing the used car when one says it is a certified one. The main confusion is regarding the price of the car. To be precise, inspection and certification should not cost you much (or perhaps it should not cost anything to the buyer). Having said that, the pre-sale inspection and certification process is the dealer’s responsibility.

Selling a proven car to the customer would augment the dealer’s credibility. Besides generating positive word of the mouth publicity. Leading to the growth and acceptance of the entity. Through this article, you will learn more about the importance of buying a certified pre-owned car.

Why Buying a Certified Pre-owned Car is Important?  

The reasons and the importance of buying a certified pre-owned car as the best decision are:

The Used Car will have a Proven Quality: You will have a limited scope of inspection when buying a second-hand car. Even the expert car technician won’t be able to do the complete inspection of the car in a couple of hours. A certified car resolves that confusion or doubt. The technical team at the car seller inspects the car exhaustively before certifying it. You can confidently go for a certified pre-owned car.

Easy and Convenient Financing Process: Support from used car sellers would reduce the stress and tension regarding a car loan. Moreover, the loan approval process would be easier when buying a certified pre-owned car in India. Possibly, the interest rate also would be lower if the car is a  certified one.

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Get Extended Warranty for the Second-Hand Car: The certified and proven pre-owned car will have an extended warranty. With this, you can save on expenses if any of the components under warranty fails prematurely. More than buying a car, maintaining it, is what bothers most customers. The extended warranty would cover most of the components making it comfortable and budget-friendly for the owners.

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Extensive Maintenance Packages: Most of the leading car sellers and used car dealerships offer extended maintenance packages for the car. The package would cover most of the major components and critical accessories. The certified pre-owned car is easy to maintain with the constant support of the dealer. It would be wise to choose a used car dealer in Kerala with optimal presence across the state.

What Makes Indus Used Cars the Best Ones in Kerala?

Reliability is the key factor that made us the number one multi-brand used car dealership in Kerala. We ensure constant support to the customers. Having a team of highly qualified professionals and technicians we are able to deliver a notch above the rest of the dealerships in the state.

Other features that make Indus the ideal used car dealership for you are:

Transparent Dealings: Our transparent dealings will help the customer understand the exact condition of the car, and a realistic price without any hidden charges, and other conditions.

Wide Presence: Indus has multiple showrooms in each district of the state. Our customers can reach out to us without any difficulty in case of any technical or executive requirements.

Affordable Pricing: Different dealers quote different prices for the same model of the car. Even though their kilometers run and the condition is the same. Indus distinguishes itself by pricing each car reasonably. The price of used cars at our dealership would be less than any other dealer offers.

Exceptional Quality: By following a 376-point checklist, we make sure each car sold by us is of exceptional quality. All the underperforming, as well as defective components, would be repaired or replaced.

For more discussion on used cars and the importance of buying a certified pre-owned car, do contact us.

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