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18 Jun, 2024

Benefits and Use Cases of AI in the Automotive Industry

Benefits and Use Cases of AI in the Automotive Industry

AI or Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of lives in a short span of time. It has a significant role in every field nowadays, including the automotive industry. Only time will tell, how will this technological revolution affect the human race. The usage of AI in the automotive industry delivers great benefits, in design, production, and innovation. All the leading automobile brands like Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, and Volvo are exploring AI to enhance their design and production processes.

It is high time that any car manufacturer is yet to embrace AI. Self-driven cars, without steering wheels, are going to be a reality in a few years. Experiments and trials in this direction are already in progress in this direction.

Benefits of AI in the Automotive Sector

AI is useful not only for automobile manufacturers but also for associated entities like spare parts suppliers and servicing centers. The benefits of AI in automotive industry include:

  • Maintenance of Automobiles with AI-aided technology

 AI tools would be receiving inputs from multiple resources. Analyzing the data received from different sensors will indicate the performance parameters of components and systems, besides revealing tell-tale indications regarding possible malfunctions and defects. Further, the AI-induced systems will play instrumental roles in planning, inventory management, predictive maintenance measures, technical health of the car, etc. Soon AI is going to be an unavoidable part of the automotive industry.

  • Periodic Maintenance of Vehicles

 Vehicle servicing is undertaken at specified intervals presently. This is based on the tests and trials undertaken on the systems and parts. However, premature failure or malfunctions can occur at any time. It may happen that you are going for a trip and the car breaks down. How embarrassing and painful it would be. AI can preclude such a problem from occurring. Constantly observing the statistics and parameters, can provide intimations regarding a defect or glitch in the system or in a specific component. Thus, AI helps drivers and car owners with timely maintenance of their vehicles. 

  • Reduced Automobile Accidents

One of the benefits of AI in the automotive industry is less accident nos. Governments around the world are brainstorming ways to reduce road accidents. Distracted, sleepy, speedy, or inexperienced driving is the reason for almost all accidents. Keeping the driver in check is the only method to prevent an accident due to any of the aforesaid reasons. AI-aided instruments and systems can be installed in the car, to give warning signals in case of abnormal driver behavior like distraction or sleepiness. The alert signal raised by the AI system will be highly useful in reducing road accidents.

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Applications of AI in the Automotive Industry

AI has an undeniable role in every step of automobile design and manufacture.

  • Design & Concept

 Advanced designs and concepts are what everyone looks for. AI has become an integral part of automobile designing that involves every stage of design. Unlike the traditional design process and brainstorming sections, the approach is rather quick and convincing with AI at the pivotal point. It delivers ideas that go well beyond human imagination. The production workflow established with the AI is also unique and speedy. It successfully renders exceptional results that make both the manufacturers and car buyers happy.

  • Manufacturing Division

 A seamless manufacturing process is crucial for maintaining the delivery flow. Human error or defects in the manufacturing line cause cascading effects and may lead to serious troubles. Vehicle production handled by AI systems would help in evading such possibilities. The complete production process can be managed and monitored by AI. This would not only preclude unwanted disruptions in production but also boost the efficiency of the manufacturing lines. Furthermore, the manufacturer can save on budget by reducing manpower needs for managing the production tasks.

  • Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and quality control are of paramount importance in the automotive industry. There would be a specific division with qualified individuals for inspection and certification. Here also, there are possibilities of overlook and mistakes. Even a minor quality concern can lead to serious aftereffects. Automated systems under AI function meticulously, ascertaining the data received from different production sections. As human involvement is reduced largely and AI is undertaking the inspection and evaluation, there is no chance of missing out. Any component or system not meeting the stipulated quality standard would be rejected by the quality assurance division, aided by AI. Thereby, the company can be sure of the quality, condition, and performance of the cars they manufacture. There are chances of defects or shortcomings being missed by the quality assurance team when all the inspections are undertaken manually.

  • Spare Management

Not all the components in an automobile are manufactured by the original manufacturer. The car manufacturer would be sourcing different parts from specialized firms. This includes both major and minor components of the vehicle. Think how intricate a task it would be to monitor the spares and maintain the supply chain properly. Prompt reminders regarding spares and components needing urgent requirements, automated placement of demand, info on availability of spares, etc. can be managed by the AI-aided systems. This is another use case of AI in the automotive industry. The team for Supply Chain Management can also be reduced by implementing AI systems in the automobile sector.

  • Insights on Driving Experience

Driving comfort has become a major consideration for those looking to buy cars. A pleasant driving experience will give the car model an upper hand to the competitors. The driving experience the vehicle offers has to be assessed for introducing improvements and integrating advanced solutions. By using AI systems, the exact feel and comfort offered can be affirmed. And the designers and specialists can use the info to incorporate modifications.

Every firm in the automotive industry must implement AI systems and solutions. By this, errors during different stages of manufacture, issues with the supply chain, lacunae in quality assurance, etc. can be prevented. It also enhances the efficiency of the team and the efficacy of production lines.

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