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13 Apr, 2024

Basic Guidelines to Follow When Charging an Electric Car

Basic Guidelines to Follow When Charging an Electric Car

The popularity of EVs is rising exponentially globally. No wonder, the economical, cost-effective, and eco-friendly electric cars ought to receive wide acceptance. Its sales are expected to overtake traditional cars in a couple of years, with the constant evolution happening.

It is a fact that many are still unaware of the safety aspects to observe while using, charging, and servicing EVs. If you own an electric car, you must go through this article to avoid potential risks. We are sharing basic guidelines to follow when charging an electric vehicle.

Safety Hazards While Using an Electric Car

The common risks with an EV are:

  • Possibility of electric shock from open or uninsulated terminals or cables.
  • Burn from serviceable, damaged, or defective battery. You need to be cautious while handling the EV battery.
  • Arc flash or minor blasts can occur while undertaking the maintenance of the battery. You might face such issues if the battery is defective. Be careful with the battery. Do not panic if any such thing happens. Undertake the laid down measures immediately.
  • Store the EV batteries at the right place as proposed by the manufacturer. To avoid leaking, fire, and unhealthy emissions.

Emergency Measures in Case of Any Hazardous Incident with EV Battery

You need to be well aware of the actions to be instituted in case of any unforeseen occurrence. Panicking during an accident can worsen the situation. The emergency procedures in case of an incident are:

  • Use the right fire extinguisher in case of fire on EV battery. Avoid using water to extinguish battery fires. It can lead have serious repercussions.

  • Avoid inhaling the toxic smoke from EV batteries.

  • Get immediate medical help if required.

Safety Tips While Charging Your Electric Car

Mistakes during electric car charging can cause malfunctions and accidents. Whether you already own an EV or planning to buy one, you must know the safety tips during electric car charging. Since many procrastinate reading the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s instructions, we are listing some of the important points to be kept in mind during electric car charging:

Talk to the technical professionals at the dealer regarding charging guidelines, in case you are not interested in reading the lengthy manufacturer’s guidelines. The brief instructions from the technician will help you understand the key elements and important tips while EV charging.

Never go for an unapproved EV charger just to save some money. The consequences will be more than what you can think. Leading to a significantly higher expense than you saved with the charger. Buy the charger approved by the competent authorities only.

Using an extension box is not at all advisable. They are not intended to take higher loads. Hence, may cause fire, shock, or damage to the electric car battery. There would be EMF around the electric car charger. Maintain sufficient distance from the charger. Switch off and unplug the charger when you are going away for some time. Do not leave the vehicle charging unattended.

Do not allow EV charger, battery, or any other related component to be exposed to water or any other liquid. Wet chargers can cause shock, fire, or sparks. The electric car charger can become defective also. Inspection by a qualified technician at the car service center may be necessary before using the charger again if it has come into contact with water, oil, or any other liquid.

A proper inspection of the electric vehicle charger needs to be undertaken in the prescribed intervals. You might be using an approved charger, with a stated life. Nonetheless, it is essential to examine the device at least once a month. So that you can be sure of its condition.

Installing a residual current device is widely accepted safety advice. This item will protect you from electric shock and other hazards. The device would shut down electric charging automatically when an imbalance in the electric flow is observed.

Every reputed brand will provide a well-formulated maintenance procedure for the electric car charger. Pursue the guidelines and instructions for maintenance properly. It will not only help in safe electric car charging but also improve the life expectancy of the device.

The electric car charging system and its components should be safely secured from children, aged, and pets. They should not be allowed to play with the device. It can damage the system or cause unwanted safety issues.

These are the basic guidelines to follow when charging electric carss so you can avoid unforeseen and unnecessary issues and accidents.


Owning an electric or hybrid car is suggested by automobile experts nowadays. The rapidly depleting fossil fuel is not the only reason for this suggestion. However, the cost-effectiveness of EVs, financial factors, performance, and environmental safety, are also pivotal.

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